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"A friend of mine once told me his mother used to say, I felt bad because I had no shoes until I met a man who had no feet."

"My parents taught me to save money.  Ultimately this proved to be my first lesson in goal setting.  I had something to look forward to and I worked to obtain the money necessary to bring about what I wanted.  The excitement of finally purchasing the items I saved for was tremendous."

"Hobbies and collectables bring joy and great pleasure to people."

"Find a way to combine your hobby and your work."

"Find a hobby and if possible make it a profitable one."

"Goal setting helps us harness this will power.  It gives us something to look forward to."

"Do you have trouble saying No to people?  Do you feel like everyone is dumping his or her responsibilities on you?  Is it a problem for you?  If it is, then start saying No!"

"I once received a fortune cookie that read, To teach is to learn twice.  I usually don't pay attention to fortune cookies but this one immediately reminded me of tutoring and it was true."

"I think the purest example of a person's intent is seen when he helps others and there is no possible recognition or reward for it while on this earth."

"I love learning something new.  The sense of accomplishment that comes with learning is a great feeling."

"When your efforts result in the satisfaction that comes with learning something new, be proud and celebrate."

"There will be times what you hear simply doesn't register because your mind is focused on the road.  Listening a second time or more will allow you to catch the details missed the first time."

"Accomplishing something each day is not really difficult.  Sometimes the achievements are very small.  The trick is making sure that most of the achievements, no matter how small are stepping stones toward larger achievements or goals.  You don't have to accomplish a major goal every day.  In fact, that would be impossible."

"Too much free time on your hands just leads to trouble.  There is too much time to sit and worry about your trouble, imagining the worst and become overly conscious of every little ache and pain.  It can be depressing. Don't fall into this trap."

"Don't leave your life to chance.  Plan your life and work your plan.  No action is action.  No decision is a decision.  Make the overwhelming factor in your life planning and goal setting."

"The purpose here is to reward yourself for a job well done.  This is positive reinforcement.  The reward is an opportunity to stop and smell the roses that bloom as a result of your hard work."

"If you are wondering which exercise is the best, consider the following; walking is the easiest, cheapest and most beneficial to start and continue.  Finally, the best overall exercise in my clinical and personal eperience is ... the exercise you will do!."

Written by Author : K. Jeffrey Miller
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