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"Part of our success comes from our passion and belief in what we are doing.  But another comes from the clarity of our vision."

"We do not focus on change itself, rather on possibilty."

"All of us, he thought, must ultimately fight our own wars, never alone, but ultimately responsible for all of our own actions.  How we react to challenge placed in front of us is the issue."

"Go back to your life to a time when you felt a high level of energy and excitement, doing something you felt you could do forever and not stop.  What were you doing?"

"Look back over your life and career, think about the anchors it offers you.  For every person out there, there are unique anchors."

"Sometimes after all the thinking and planning and worrying, talking and stalling, there is only one decision and that is to take action."

"Have patience, have purpose and recognize each accomplishment as a learning process that is critical to eventual success."

"Life messes are those things in your life that create tension within you.  You can tell they are messes if they have persisted in your life for some time but you have done nothing about them.  When you think about them they sometimes put you in a bad mood.  These require a decision to Take Action Now!"

"Until you can see the outcome in your mind, it will be difficult to see it in reality."

"When a wolf hunts a deer, it does not believe that the deer it did not catch is the only deer it could ever catch.  It merely seeks another deer.  It does not become disappointed or angry at itself for missing an opportunity.  It merely waits for the possibility to exists again.  It passes no judegment.  Mother Nature passes no judgement.  Why do you?"

"Virtually everything you do, your whole life in fact, revolves around time."

"Let go. Stop. Breathe deeply and let your mind be still. Peace. The answer will come."

"The self is who you are.  It is your identity personality, skills, values strengths and everything else that makes up who you are."

"My actions determine what I truely believe about something."

"Finally, he would accept responsibility for the choices he had made thus far and would make in the future."

"Others choose to create something large and expansive.  Neither is right or wrong, good or bad."

"The state of being where the person's energy is focused on the ways things Will Be.  He or she will make decisions and do things that move toward the future goal.  This includes stopping to smell the proverbial roses at regular intervals."

Written by Jonathan Creaghan
Leap! A Journey to Personal Power and Possibility

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