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"Walls will come down all the time in everything you do – bloody high walls. When one does, you’ve got to get over it. If you can climb it, terrific; if you can’t climb it, walk around it."

"Certainly, the ability to put in a consistently good performance, rather than just a one-off stunt, relies on dedicated practice."

"Having an unshakable self-belief that you possess unique qualities and abilities that make you better than your opponents."

"I cannot give you self-belief. This is a bridge that only you have to build and only you can cross. The self-belief comes from believing that you can explore, that you can challenge, that you can win. It’s a growing thing, all the time."

"I choose to see the positive. You’ve got to be clear about your beliefs in life; then you’re going to be OK."

"Every time a negative thought started I wouldn’t let it finish in my mind. I would stop it and turn it around into something positive.“

"He believes that failure can do people good as long as they can cope with it and come back from it."

"They recognize that if they are to achieve their best possible performance in the heat of competition, then they have to make choices – sometimes tough choices – about how they spend their time."

"If you have the essential ability required for what you want to do, you then need to build up the skill levels required bit by bit."

"Recall times in your life when you showed some discipline or determination. These may be in any area – completing a difficult school project, working late to prepare a presentation or training to complete a long-distance charity walk. Understand that you have the ability to display these characteristics when you are motivated to do so."

"Everybody is different; we’re all motivated by very different things, for extrinsic reasons and intrinsic reasons."

"Some people want to be successful because they like the idea of having a big house and a Porsche on the drive; others want to do it to explore how hard and how mentally tough they are."

"He says that if you set a goal, then your subconscious will attract things that will support that goal. If you don’t set a goal, you’ll drift."

"You need realistic goals that are achievable – whether it’s getting into the club team or jumping a certain distance. Make them achievable."

"What the mind imagines usually creates a capacity for the body to do it."

"Everyone automatically creates their own filters through which they view the world. These filters can be supportive
or limiting, depending on the individual’s past experiences and response to those experiences."

"Each individual needs to find the thoughts and keys that work for him when developing a focusing technique."

"You have to focus on the process, not the result. If you focus on the process, the results take care of themselves."

Written by Famous Author : Jeff Grout
Mind Games: Inspirational lessons from the world's finest sports stars

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