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"Few people stop to think about why that person overcame more than most individuals see in a lifetime."

"I couldn't believe the man couldn't figure out that the only thing stopping him was himself."

"Success Principles require that you override the instinct to abandon the seemingly hopeless.  They require you to use everything you've learned, everything you were born with, to overcome the obstacles and locate a solution of success in a viable manner."

"It all indicates that the only way to escape those things in your life that you don't like or don't want is to change them.  The change has to come from within you."

"If you want to really change your circumstances, change your attitude.  Find the joy you were born with and hang onto it.  It's buried deep under the learned disappointments of life."

"Your current situation may not be perfect, but if you change your attitude about what is right versus what is wrong, you will be amazed at the difference."

"Set your priorities straight.  This really does have an impact on your attitude and perception of life."

"If you look at life as being half full, your hand in life will improve because the negatively will be given less importance."

"Change is the way we live life."

"Change is our opportunity, the vehicles for success."

"Change is a friend.  Treat it like one to uncover what is hidden inside you."

"The only weakness that you can truly show is a misplaced belief that you need no one and nothing to reach your idea of success."

"Help is a necessary component of any great achievement.  By delegating development at the correct time, you are enhancing your rate of success and empowering your own natural success principle in the process."

"A catalyst is the fuel of change."

"If you want to see a positive outcome, then you must envision a positive outcome."

"You cannot sway from that interpretation of the end result at any time or else the maximum benefit of positive thinking will not become your reality."

"There is an old adage that you are the only things stopping you."

Meaning of words:

Catalyst - Someone or something that helps bring about a change.

Adage - A saying that sets forth a general truth and that has gained credit through long use. 

Written by Jack Hatfield
Natural Success Principles

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