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"The class always comes alive to realize that everything and I mean everything in this world can be fascinating if you sprinkle just a little curiousity dust on it."

"It's essentail that each individual discovers his or her own unique gift (or ichor, as the Greeks called it) and then expresses it wholeheartedly."

"Even if some of the activities you choose appear to be unrelated to your calling as a reading teacher, such as practising tai chi or studying biophysics or learning to play the cello, they will encourage you to see familiar things in distinctive ways."

"Way leads to way, it is said and that sums up how one thing leads to another, especially when your life if full of enriching content."

"Feeling centered about who you are and what you're here on earth to do, that's the real work of life."

"Our daily job is to regain today what yesterday tore away from us, to regain the feeling of being a swan."

"An overachiever is someone who performs better than expected, not because of innate ability or talent, but rather due to determination and hard work."

"If all you do your whole life is play to your strengths, you risk cutting a groove that becomes a rut."

"Stay focused on goals, not busy work."

"Your goals are what will advance you in life, whereas your tasks are what will eat up your life."

"Without doubt there are tradeoffs involved, let's not be naive, but you don't want to do nothing simply because you're afraid that doing more than one thing isn't possible."

"The reason that mind-body combinations are so powerful is that physical activities release the brain from its grip on your conscious mind, and this can be a great relief, a welcome respite from having to be relentlessly ourselves."

"It seems that working out builds more that just muscles.  Scientists theorize that exercise improves memory by ramping up the creation of new brain cells.  The more phyically fit you are, the better you'll perform on word-memory tasks."

"Researchers have long known that people who have physically active and intellectually challenging lives are less likely to develop dementia than those who do not.  Fighting mental malnutrition by cross-training your brain is itself protective."

"During exercise, you'll remember things you didn't realize had slipped your mind."

"The minute you realize you can have what you want in this life, you run smack into the paralysis of freedom."

"The road to richly satisfying experiences usually passes through the terrain of discomfort, everyone wants satisfaction, but not everyong is bulldog enough to persist through the struggle phase."

Written by Ingrid E. Cummings
The Vigorous Mind

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