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Ian Pollard Quotes

Hope you enjoy the following quotes written by Ian Pollard :

"Focus on the decision-making process, not the short-term outcome."

"Whenever we delay important conversations, we delay achieving the direct benefits, any consequent relaionship-building and any learning we might achieve."

"The challenge and the opportunity is to take your responsibilities seriously while not taking yourself too seriously."

"Laughter stimulates the cardio-respiratory system: alleviates stress, sadness, anger and grief; enhances alertness, arousal, memory; increases the speed and accuracy of problem-solving and decision-making, stimulates the immune system, endorpin production and contributes to longevity."

"Conversation is one of the greatest and healthiest pleasures of life, lifting our spirits and strengthening our mind."

"The longer the period, the more amazing the impact of compund growth."

"If you are not convinced that you can succeed in changing a behaviour, you are unlikely to try.  And even if you try nevertheless, your lack of conviction will hold you back."

"If you recognise that your life is your responsibility, you are more likely to be successful on your own terms."

"If you drink to relieve stress, you are unlikely to change your drinking habits if you don't seriously focus on the problem casuing your stress (for example, your excessive workload)."

"Some people learn best by doing, others learn best by being taught.  Some prefer discussion, others prefer the written word; some prefer books, others the internet.  Finding the right environment, method or tools to suit you can double or treble your learning speed."

"There's nothing better for your self-confidence and performance than a few early and substantial wins."

"Undertake a conscious quest for life's meaning is ultimately an important investment in life itself, even though your hectic family life and your personal and professional ambitions may, in the short term, leave little time for such a quest, and may you feel you have already found it."

"Every person is going to have a circle of competence.  So you have to figure out what your own aptitudes are.  If you play games where other people have the aptitudes and you don't, you're going to lose."

"I am enjoying doing that very thing as I research and write this book, reading, thinking about and experimenting with many disciplines that are somewhat new to me."

"Belief in yourself and your framework is essential to motivate you to invest the time, effort and courage necessary to achive your goals."

"Investment philosophy is important because it dictates how you should make decisions.  But even a good investment philosophy will not help you unless you combine it with disciple and patience."

"Market values are generally continuously available, but many great investors don't monitor such values regularly.  Their rigorous investment processes and their comfort with a number of key principles underlying those processes give them confidence in the long-term results."

Written by Ian Pollard
Investing in Your Life

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