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Hyrum W. Smith Quotes

"A willingness to admit that we are the problem is the key to progress. (And because we are the only persons we can 
change, putting the blame on others means that our pain will not go away.)"

"Neuroscience has taught us that behavior creates neural pathways in the brain. By acting a certain way over and over, those actions begin to feel normal. This is sometimes known as 'fake it till you make it.'"

"Change is almost never instantaneous. It can, at times, feel like two steps forward and one step back. But as you continue to act with your new belief, positive results will occur and you will know that you have closed a gap between something you believed would meet your needs and something that actually will."

"Dedication is a whole lot tougher than risking, because it takes time."

"There are a lot of ways to nurture our values, to bring them to life. We can, of course, do that nurturing on our own, through our own thoughts and efforts."

"Family helps us get beyond just surviving and helps us learn how to thrive—how to go from being worried about the gap between dinnertime and enough dinner to eat or the gap that comes with delaying gratification."

"When you practice kindness, when you release it, it spreads; it grows, and it changes lives. This is one of the greatest paths to inner peace—to release your values through personal service to others."

"Every day I teach women that instead of focusing on things that have happened, that didn’t work out, that weren’t fair or right, they should put their energy into the primary value of simply doing their best."

"We need to focus on the values that move us forward and lift us up.  And once we’re back on that upward track, we need to
add one more element to our values— a concern for and a dedication to lifting others."

"On the other hand, when we let go, focus on our values, and move upward, we free ourselves to lift others and the injustice gives way to justice, fear gives way to hope, and a terrible past is replaced with a bright, shining future."

"If each one of us would commit to closing the gaps between what we value and how we live our lives, we’d start to feel inner peace, and in that moment of inspiration we’d start to help others live their values and close the gaps in their lives."

"When you take the higher path, you set the example and provide the opportunity and the challenge for others to do the right thing, to live their values and begin the process of closing the gaps in their lives."

"Purposeful living, rooted in your real values, will change you and make you a better person—for yourself and for everyone around you."

"When your daily activities are in concert with your highest priorities, you have a credible claim to inner peace."

"The only thing you have 100 percent control over is you; everything else falls under either the partial control or no control categories."

"Seek Inspiration. Take a moment to seek inspiration through meditation, prayer, or whatever source through which you normally find inspiration."

"But if we’ve started with those tasks that are most important, we can have the satisfaction of knowing that what ever
we’ve left undone is less critical than what we’ve accomplished."

Quotes of wisdom by Hyrum W. Smith
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