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"Seize upon this daily opportunity for change with a positive attitude and a definite plan.  Put this plan into immediate action through continuous, effective work."

"The results of your efforts today will surely appear as tomorrow's reality.  Where you are tomorrow depends on how wisely and effectively you use the hours available today."

"Be not deceived by appearances.  To be successful, you must learn to see the truth in every circumstance and situation.  You must become a quick and accurate judge of people and their motives."

"Good fortune comes to you when you stay away from negative people, thoughts and activities.  Avoid those who have already messed up their lives and who have no respect for God, themselves or others."

"Invest your time, thought, energies and money wisely and effectively.  There is no such thing as a free lunch."

"Procrastination is a learned habit which must be overcome.  Persistence is a learned skill which may be developed and perfected."

"Take immediate action.  All that is being done is being done now."

"Analyze your vision and break it down into specific goals.  These goals become the targets on which you focus the power of your will."

"Plan to handle one activity/item at a time until it is completed."

"Adverse conditions should motivate you to try even harder and smarter.  See yourself bigger than the things which try to stop you, stronger than the obstacles which confront you, using the stumbling blocks placed in your path as stepping stones to greater and greater opportunities for victory, success and personal completion."

"Every circumstance you experience in life is an opportunity for completion and growth.  Whether they be positive experiences of joy and happiness or negative experiences of suffering and despair, the potential for growth, reward and benefit is an ever present opportunity."

"When you are a positive thinker, you see those same circumstances as a door to great opportunity for the health, wealth, happiness and success you are seeking."

"If you permit yourself to be a negative thinker, then your thoughts are lack, limitation, failure and fear."

"If you think abundance in your thoughts, see abundance in your imagination - your mind's eye, feel abundance in your heart and believe abundance in your soul, you will have abundance in your life experience."

"Remember that you are the master of the planet, given power and dominion over all things therein."

"Harmonic relationships are relationships which are positive, encouraging, nurturing and productive."

"Your actions are the bridges between your thoughts and your reality."

Written by Author : Herbert Harris
The Twelve Universal Laws of Success

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