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Geoff Beattie Quotes

"We can work on our everyday thoughts to make ourselves happier."

"Remember to express gratitude for all the good things in your life."

"After you brush your teeth last thing at night, think about all the good things that have happened to you that day.  Don't focus last thing at night on all the bad things that have happened to you.  Prime your positive memories and you will wake up in the morning feeling happier."

"If you want to recall happy memories, act happy."

"Remember that outbursts of anger make you feel stupid and make others want to avoid you."

"Many people fail to savour the moment and then suddenly life has passed them by."

"Train yourself to savour the moment by reminding yourself that one day this phase of your life will end.  This may seem painful but it can be very useful."

"Our perception of time is affected by how routine our day is.  If you want to make time last forever, what you must do is to break your daily routines of life and do new things every day."

"If you want to forgive someone for doing something bad to you, the best way is to get a blank sheet of paper and write about what happened, focusing on the positive aspects."

"The reason that it is important to forgive is that we know that those who cannot forgive are more prone to depression and stress."

"All experiences change us.  Ask yourself how this particular experience has changed your life for the good.  Has it mad you more independent, has it made you less naive, has it made you mentally stronger?"

"Remember that if you are able to forgive someone, you will be able to release a lot of negative feelings.  Forgiving someone will make you healthier and stronger."

"You are most likely to succeed if you are an optimist and have an optimistic disposition.  Optimists are people who look on the bright side of life, but from a psychological point of view the most important thing happen to them in their lives but don't blame themselves for the bad things that happen."

"You will succeed in business if you are an optimist because you will persevere when things are not going well (pessimist will often give up)."

"If you're not naturally an optimist you need to learn to dispute that internal voice in your hand that puts all failure down to you (one of the main characteristics of the pessimist)."

"Work more efficiently in a new job by writing about your thoughts and feelings (including the negative feelings) associated with the move.  This writing process will tie all the issues together and make you feel better and in addition, it will improve working memory.  So you will now work more efficiently."

"It is extremely important to everyday life to have high self-esteem because we know that if you have a positive view of yourself it promotes happiness and is good for your mental health."

Contributed by Geoff Beattie
How Simple Changes Will Transform Your Life

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