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Fred Mandell PHD & Kathleen Jordan PHD Quotes

Hope you enjoy the following quotes written by Fred Mandell PHD & Kathleen Jordan PHD :

"We can never control every aspect of our lives, but we can always take actions that allow us to have a life that is deeply meaningful to us, no matter what our circumstances."

"No matter how old or young you are, and no matter what your life circumstances, you can develop the creative skills you need to have a meaningful life of your choosing."

"When people decide to change, they instinctively tap into their natural creative abilities to navigate the uncertainties of moving in a new direction."

"Life can be thrown at us from many directions at once and we often can't control the circumstances that surround our lives."

"We may overestimate the magnitude of risk we might take in changing our lives, and underestimate our personal ability to successfully navigate such a change."

"And once you make the choice to confront your creative dilemma by beginning to explore, you'll find that most of the risks you fear evaporate."

"We need to believe in our own creative ability, believe in our ability to experiment with the new and unknown and believe that we can discover important things about ourselves if only we are willing to take that step into the unknown."

"In the case of life change, the battle for living a fully realized life is fought on the uncharted waters of the exploration and discovery dimensions."

"The more clearly we articulate our creative dilemma, the clearer our point of focus becomes."

"Choose what you pay attention to, do not let others choose for you."

"In some sense, we do not know what we do not know and the only way to discover what we do not know is to actually experiment with things we are not familiar with."

"Integration is about developing a deeper self-awareness and manifesting this awareness through how we behave in our daily lives."

"We become more effective at doing the things that are most important!"

"What we pay attention to shapes our destiny by defining our choices and the way we frame them."

"If we don't know how to see, we are destined to keep repeating the current patterns in our life because we are imprisoned by what is familiar."

"Stepping back from the canvas means moving yourself some distance from your day-to-day life or work to gain a fresh perspective."

"Cultivating the mind of a child means introducing a spirit of play and spontaneity into the way we look at things, unbound by rules.  It means allowing ourselves to return to what gave us joy and energy without prejudegement."

Written by Fred Mandell PHD & Kathleen Jordan PHD
7 Creative Skills to Reinvent Yourself at Any Stage of Life

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