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Hope you enjoy the following quotes written by Dr. John F. Demartini :

"I follow my success checklist daily, for I know the value of a checkup from the neck up!"

"I am an early bird! I go to bed early and greet the new day with joy."

"I am thankful for my gifts today.  My heart is filled with gratifude."

"Count your blessings each night and end your day with thanks.  Faster that any state of mind, gratitude can transform stress into success.  It provides a mental rocket-ship ride to the next inspiring experience in your life."

"Water is an incredibly powerful element of nature.  A baby in the womb swims in its ealiest both within the amniotic sac."

"There's something mystical about water.  It helps us make transformations that alter our entire physical, mental and spiritual outlook."

"Relax into the quietness within yourself where you feel as if you rise out of your own body or where you quiet down so much within yourself that external thoughts or activities are no longer relevant."

"When our days are stressful and chaotic, overrun by deadlines and hustle and bustle, we often become so preoccupied that we forget to take time to open up to receiving this success-filled, inspiring guidance.  I like to call the source of these messages our Cosmic Mailbox in the Sky."

"Procratination adds stress but action leads to success."

"As little as five or ten minutes a day can be all that it takes to achieve your desires.  If you focus yourself and seriously study a specific language or subject, you can eventually master it."

"There are so many little things in each day that create busyness and waste and not success.  Such unnecessities rob us of valuable time which could be used for higher priority actions."

"Clutter creates confusion and organization creates flow and harmony."

"So, when opportunities arise to express love and gratitude, take advantage of them and don't let these moments slip by."

"It doesn't matter what you use to open the door to your heart.  What does matter is that you start and finish your day with the expression of love-filled energy and thoughts."

"Creating the disciple of self-acknowledgement for your successes is important."

"Sometimes, the people who stand in the way and create obstacles are actually helping the most because they confront you and force you to come up with your best, enabling you to become a greater achiever."

"Saving money not only helps you feel more abundant and successful but it's also a great incentive.  As savings grow, so too does your motivation."

"We feel greater self-worth and more successful when we provide services for others.  There's a touch of the Good Samaritan in all of us, therefore, there is wisdom in setting aside special time in our daily routines for doing something that helps another person."

Written by Dr. John F. Demartini
Inspired Destiny: Living a Fulfilling and Purposeful Life

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