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"To enhance your personal power, create a structure to develop whatever qualities you decide to take on."

"Your power will come from taking responsibility for making a result happen in spite of any challenges or circumstances that may cross your path."

"No matter how successful you may be, if you hate the process and have not stopped to enjoy yourself along the way, your accomplishment has surely been lacking."

"Identify your values and passions and ensure that they are honored and included as a condition that must be met as you design your accomplishment."

"Responsibility is actually the ability to respond at any time and to any situation in a way that honors you as a person and supports you in your relationships with others."

"Remember that you are the source for what you attract in the world."

"Remember that failure is an interpretation, not a fact."

"When you give yourself the room to experience new challenges, to learn from these experiences and to grow from the wisdom they provide, you are to be acknowledged just for putting out the effort."

"To become empowered to venture into uncharted waters, declare yourself a novice in these areas.  Exploring the unknown with open curiousity and without an attachment to a particular result creates the space for new experiences and potential successes."

"When obsessed with achieving an elusive desired objective, we may become so frustrated that our effectiveness suffers.  As a result, we drift farther from the very thing we want most."

"Most people are scared to death to fail.  If this describes you, lighten up.  Don't take failure too seriously.  So what if you fail?  Go ahead and play full out."

"Rather that gaining clarity about what is most important to us, we pursue the symbols of accomplishment.  We dishonor our most important values, often oblivious to what these values are."

"We fail to realize that we are already inherently worthy and a contribution to others simply by manifesting our unique, magnificent gifts."

"It is by being true to ourselves, identifying our passions and living in harmony with our key values and in alignment with our life-purpose, that fulfillment and joy result."

"Impatience in staying with the question often comes from an unwillingness to admit that we do not have all the answers."

"Declaring ourselves novices in any arena creates room to adequately investigate all of the possibilities and ramifications without having to come up with an answer."

"Until you empty your cup to create room to receive from others, all contributions will be wasted."

Written by Dr Joe Rubino
The Success Code: 29 Principles for achieving Abundance, Success, Charisma, & Personal Power in Your Life

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