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Dr. Henry Cloud Quotes

"People who found what they were looking for in life seemed to do a certain set of things in common."

"There is an order to the ways that things work. Life was created with laws that govern how it works. There are laws that
govern success just as gravity governs falling. If we can learn to follow these laws, we can live better lives."

"A building, a business, a good marriage, a healthy family, a social movement of change, new technology, a medical breakthrough, a beautiful wedding celebration, a realization of a new hobby and skill, and all of the other things and activities that we see around us in this physical world, all begin in the souls of human beings."

"It is our job to dig up whatever potential we have in whatever situation we are in, and then to invest it and see it grow. The choice is whether we are going to allow fear and experiences to keep our potential buried, or choose to step out in faith and see that potential turn into reality."

"Those who succeed in life cannot ignore their hearts, minds, and souls."

"No matter what a person is trying to accomplish, if he is walking around with unresolved matters of the heart, his goals will be negatively affected."

"When we face our demons and our pain, we “reclaim the land” of our hearts and souls. You come through that suffering being better than who you were when you went in. You get back what had been taken and find extra character to boot. These wise people understand all that, and they enter into the process willingly."

"If it is good, like a talent, a dream, a desire, or something else that you want to see grow, sow it. Plant it. Water it. Fertilize it."

"You are growing a garden in your heart; some things you wish to increase, and others you need to weed out.  Either way requires caretaking. That is your job as guardian of your heart."

"There is very little growth and reward in life without taking risks. As the parable says, the one who buried his treasure in the ground did so to avoid risk of loss, failure, and disapproval. In the end, though, he reaped all three of these disasters. Clearly . . . Avoidance of risk is the greatest risk of all."

"She took one small step at a time, giving much thought and prudence to each.  But each step built on the other, and each
was risky in its own right. That is far different than betting the farm in an impulsive way."

"Growth is when you take the new things that you dig up and discover, and then integrate them with the rest of who you
already are—things such as your values, relationships, and loves."

"Most people who “left it all,” took a risk, and succeeded will tell you that their decision was not flighty or impulsive at all. They made their move only after much preparation and thoughtfulness."

"Face the fears and obstacles that have caused you to bury your treasures."

"Often, the biggest sign that tells us of things buried in the heart is numbness and a life that is not alive."

"Grasp your dreams. Reach for them. Take appropriate risks. One of the worst things you can die with is potential. Die with
failures before you die with potential.  Potential is something to be realized, not guarded and protected. So, dig it up! Invest it! And you will find that it is true—life comes from the inside out."

"If you know that investing more time toward reaching a solution is never going to help, then it is time to pull the
plug and move on. Forget repairing it or changing it. Let it go."

Contributed by Dr. Henry Cloud
9 Things You Simply Must Do to Succeed in Love and Life

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