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"When propelled by passsion, you easily put your best foot forward, without feeling pressured or over-worked."

"Every time you make a choice about doing one thing as opposed to another, you make a value decision."

"Accoumplishing the first step brings a feeling of success.  Success begets success."

"Ability to self-reward increases personal power because you are less dependent on others for acknowledgement."

"Arrange what you do so that you are working for a reward that you give yourself when you achieve the mark you set."

"We continually create our lives with what we think about.  Our thoughts interpret information from the senses, set our expectations and frame our vision."

"When you change the way you think, your picutre of the world changes, the way you act and feel changes, your life changes."

"Negative feelings like anxiety, depression and anger don't actually result from the bad things that happen, they result from the way you think about those negative events."

"Thinking is something you do, a habit.  Habits are automatic behaviors."

"Change the way you talk to yourself about events and you change the way you respond."

"Curiously, we are more prone to remembering negative or downer emotions that positive, uplifting ones."

"When you are purposeful, you experience positive and reaffirming emotions, you gain tremendous control over yourself."

"When you talk to yourself day in and day out, you are virtually brain washing yourself, which is problematic when you talk to yourself in ways that are unhelpful."

"Remember, the secret of self-esteem and confidence is to treat yourself as supportive friend or coach would."

"When you give yourself permission to make errors and let go of constantly judging yourself, it begins to feel okay to make mistakes."

"One of the worst things that you can do is to stay for years in a line of work that you do not enjoy."

"If you are good at setting goals and then moving yourself toward accomplishing them, you will enjoy emotions you seek and likely to accomplish a lot.  In effect, you are holding out your own carrot in front of yourself, leading yourself on to achieve the goals that you set, as you knock down goal after goal."

Written by Dr. Beverly Potter
Managing Yourself for Excellence

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