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Donna Marie Thompson, Ph.D Quotes

Hope you enjoy the following quotes written by Donna Marie Thompson, Ph.D :

"I learned that when faced with conflicting opinions, it was important to talk to family."

"Your body does much of its healing when you sleep.  And when you sleep, you do not think about your pain or your limitations.  Sleep is truly a precious gift."

"Changing my attitude at this stage changed my life and set the course for my physical recovery.  Better late than never, right?"

"Nothing was going to keep me down,.  I was one hundred percent committed to my recovery, no matter what."

"The two key features of my financial recovery plan were to work and save.  Work and save.  Work and save."

"Keep the end game in sight.  This can be summed up very simply:  When in doubt, don't."

"I express deep gratitude for my financial recovery and the blessings and opportunities in my life."

"Read self-help books and blogs and listen to inspring CDs and MP3s: I was particularly impressed by positive thinking."

"I accept myself as a precious creature that is loved by God."

"Lose the shame: I forgave myself and talked about my loss to everyone that I could."

"Find as many opportunities to completely relax as you can; complete relaxation clears harmful stress from your body.  And laugh as much as you can; laughter is quite a healing tool."

"Plan a new future: I articulated a new vision for my life, and I envisioned a new dream."

"Take action on passions and make it happen."

"Move past the situation one hundred percent.  I made the decision to let the old feelings go."

"I began to pray and then pray some more.  I did not pray for a specific outcome but for strength to see me through the roller coaster of emotions, the conflicting advice and the uncertain prognoses."

"Solitude is a powerful mechanism to connect to divine inspiration."

"I am helping others and helping myself at the same time."

Written by Donna Marie Thompson, Ph.D
How To Learn From Your Past, Heal The Present, And Transform Your Future

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