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Donald Trump Quotes - Think Like a Champion

"Being true to yourself and your work is an asset. Remember that assets are worth protecting. No one will ever tell you it will be easy to stick to your own convictions, but I believe it is necessary."

"Iím not advising you to dwell on the mysteriousóa successful life requires common sense and hard workóbut to be aware of things that are sometimes inexplicable because they can be a big step toward innovation."

"A big mind requires a variety of thoughts and impulsesto keep it well occupied, so make sure you keep your mind engaged in the best ways possible. It could very well be your calling card for success."

"I have always known the importance of having the ability to be a team player, even though I am an entrepreneur."

"Whenever I start something new, I know I have a lot to learn. This does not discourage meóin fact it gives me energy."

"Keep your door open every day to something new and energizing. Sometimes I wonder what will show up, which is a terrific way to start every day."

"I make an effort to read newspapers with ample international coverage and the Financial Times on a daily basis because itís important to my business to know whatís going on worldwide. That alone can require serious attention every day. For you it may be something else."

"Iíve already spoken about complacency and how it can ruin your chances for success. Itís the same as being in a rut and deciding to stay there. Thatís why I like to advise people to live on the edgeóitís the opposite of complacency, and the same as thinking on your feet."

"You canít sprint unless you have built up the strength to do so. Building the stamina is up to you. If you donít work at it, itís not going to happen by wishful thinking."

"Donít wait for dire circumstances to test your quick-thinking ability. Test yourself daily. Be on alert at all times."

"Strive for wholeness and keep your sense of wonder intact, and you will find yourself ready for a grand slam."

"Achievers move forward at all timesóthey have anticipation for their next deal and have another goal immediately lined up. Itís enthusiasm that canít be fabricatedóitís either there, or itís not."

"Your higher self is in direct opposition to your comfort zone. An indication of life is growth, and signs of growth have to be there."

"That doesnít mean we sit around waiting for something to just happenóvery often it happens while weíre working away on something else. Being industrious can be a magnet for new ideas, while idleness and inertia can be magnets for negativity."

"There is always the possibility of failure, but there is a greater chance of success if you actually try to do something versus doing nothing."

"We all have something unique to offer. Our work is to find out what that is and to work at it with a passion. So donít tread water. Get out there and go for it."

"Another way to gain wisdom is to read about the greats in history and those in your specific field of interest. I learned a great deal by reading about Winston Churchill, Abraham Lincoln, and people who had been in pivotal places in world history."

Quotes of wisdom by Donald Trump
Think Like a Champion

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