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Hope you enjoy the following quotes written by Dharma Dev :

"What do we choose to accept and reject in this life makes the difference in the consequence we have to face moment."

"Each of us, whether we acknowledge it or not, are investors.  We are rich in the asset called moments and the way we trade our moments decides our future."

"If you are not thirsty or not willing to admit you are thirsty, the value of every drop of water in the lake will be meaningless to you."

"Confront your conflicts in life.  Crush those obstacles that obstruct joy in your life."

"Becoming strong is necessary for every single human being to march forward in the  battlefield of life."

"Regardless of what happens in this world, this moment presents the timeless opportunity to experience priceless feelings of love and joy that we can experience through this human form."

"Choose wisely what you choose to welcome in your life because that is what will affect you."

"You are the sum of your successes and failures."

"To live this life consciously is our privilege and to make the right decision is our right."

"We must be open in this life so that we can welcome the necessary and throw away the unnecessary."

"Life is God's gift to you but what you do in your life is your gift to yourself."

"Our mind needs to be clean so that it can absorb new knowledge that is being introduced."

"Strive to learn from a clear mind and the rate and the volume of learning will increase."

"Forget about your age, it does not carry any importance to your heart.  Anybody can leave this earth any time or could arrive any time."

"Aim for peace and you will reach it."

"You cannot reach your goal unless you aim for it."

"The universal intelligence that engineered the existence in this universe operates on the source of love."

Written by Dharma Dev
The Living You

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