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David Niven Quotes

"Know that you are capable, and show it. But do not fight criticism merely because you can."

"We understand that to build a house it takes a plan, a blueprint, but we sometimes forget that to build a successful life, it also takes a blueprint."

"Take your goals one at a time, and appreciate the process as you move forward. Otherwise you won’t."

"The key for me was to do what I was doing well and not worry about what would come later. I knew that if I had proper
training, I would be in great shape for the rest of my life."

"Success comes not from self-motivating tricks and declarations of desired outcomes but from a steady, informed effort at

"I learned the hard way that positive thoughts and actions mean a healthier, happier, more successful life—and I love to share that with everyone I can."

"Remind yourself of the value of the things you want, and the costs to you in effort will not feel as great."

"Your success is far more dependent on your behavior now than it is based upon where you grew up, where you went to school, or whether your path so far has been easy or difficult."

"Opportunity lies ahead; it is a matter of whether or not you choose to pursue it."

"You can sacrifice sleep to gain extra time, but ultimately you are sacrificing your ability to use your time with purpose and efficiency."

"If you have the ability, believe in yourself, and can conceive it, then you have to have the determination to do it."

"Define your goals, and define your plans to attain them."

"In real life, the main difference between people who achieve and people who do not isn’t as exciting or mysterious, but it is as important. It is simply conscientiousness.  People who approach things with order, common sense, consistency, and persistence will ultimately succeed."

"That is why you must realize not just how capable you are, but who you are. When events undermine your self-esteem, you must have faith in yourself that is unquestionable, undeniable."

"Choose as your role model someone who has accomplished something you can accomplish and something you want to accomplish."

"The setbacks you experience are wonderful opportunities to learn. Not only can you learn, in a critical sense, what you might have done wrong, but you also can come to understand what has led you to make the choices you’ve made."

"Healthy habits increase our energy and improve both our performance and our satisfaction on the job. It may take more
time, but in the end, preserving your own health makes possible everything else you want to do."

Contributed by David Niven, Ph.D.
365 Ways Today Is the Best Time to Be Alive

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