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Daniel H. Pink Quotes

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"As with so many things in life, the pursuit of mastery is all in our head."

"Our beliefs about ourselves and the nature of our abilities, what she calls our self-theories, determine how we interpret our experiences and can set the boundaries on what we accomplish."

"The young people recognized that setbacks were inevitable on the road to mastery and that they cound even be guideposts for the journey."

"In every field, grit may be as essential as talent to high accomplishment."

"Effort is one of the things that  gives meaning to life.  Effort means you care about something, that something is important to you and you are willing to work for it."

"Being a professional, Julius Erving once said, is doing the things you love to do, on the days you don't feel like doing them."

"The most deeply motivated people, not to mention those who are most productive and satisfied, hitch their desires to a cause larger than themselves."

"Purpose provides activation energy for living."

"The people who'd had purpose goals and felt they were attaining them reported higher level of satisfaction and subjective well-being than when they were in college, and quite low level of anxiety and depression."

"It's in our nature to seek purpose."

"And we know that the richest experiences in our lives aren''t when we're clamoring for validation from others, but when we're listening to our own voice, doing something that matters, doing it well and doing it in the service of a cause larger than ourselves."

"Real achievement doesn't happen overnight.  As anyone who's trained for a marathon, learned a new language or run a successful division can attest, you spend a lot more time grinding through tough tasks than you do basking in applause."

"You don't have to be flawless each day.  Instead, look for small measures of improvement such as how long you practiced your saxophone or whether you held off on checking email until you finished that report you needed to write."

"Remind yourself that you don't need to be a master by day three is the best way of ensuring you will be one by day three hundred."

"Erisson has said, deliberate practise is about changing your performance, setting new goals and straining yourself to reach a bit higher each time."

"Repetition matters.  Basketball greats don't shoot ten free throws at the end of team practice, they shoot five hundred."

"Seek constant critical feedback.  If you don't know how you're doing, you won't know what to improve."

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