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Damian Hughes Quotes

Hope you enjoy the following quotes written by Damian Hughes:

"Consistent winners focus all their energies on the behaviours that lead to their goal and stop the behaviours that get in the way."

"As human beings, we move and create change when our feelings and emotions are touched."

"In the end, most of us agree that the only way to increase your chance of success is to mentally step out of your shoes and into theirs and figure out their emotional hot buttons."

"Most of us desire the positive emotions brought on by feeling valued."

"When attempting to bring about change in your life, first start by identifying what is working before concentrating on what need to change."

"Throughout life, the need for attachment continues to be an important part of our identity."

"To make change happen, we must have the courage to confront the fears which threaten our safety."

"Create a positive picture of what you want by listing what you gain by accessing and developing that act of courage.  Be specific about how you will feel about yourself, how it will improve intimacy or relationship effectiveness, how it will improve your ability to lead, and so forth."

"A person who is positive still recognises that bad things happen - the difference is that they deal with it instead of moaning about it."

"You see, an attitude is simply a response to facts.  It is how we deal with and react to the things that life throws at us on a daily basis."

"You can change your thinking, your language and your behaviour.  That is all you really have any control over anyway."

"In your life, focusing exclusively on your own W.I.N. (What's Important Now) question can only improve your effectiveness to create change."

"The attitude that we take to the facts in our lives is a choice.  And it is a choice - 100 per cent of the time - irrespective of the fact."

"Our beliefs are formed by the way we perceive and interpret the world.  Take a moment to think about yourself.  What beliefs do you have about your ability to create the change you want?"

"Beliefs are mightily powerful tools which impact on your performance, good or bad."

"We all have limits, but so many of these limits have nothing to do with our genetic makeup.  Many of our limits - the things that we believe we can or can't do - are self-imposed or imposed on us by others."

"Put simply, if you change the beliefs then you will change the results."

Written by Damian Hughes
Practical Techniques to Make Real and Lasting Changes

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