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Chris Widener Quotes

"I think one of the greatest things we can do to become successful is to surround ourselves with great friends."

"If you want to reap a relationship, a friendship, be the encourager, be the one whoís always telling your friends, ďMan. Iím excited about what youíre doing. I think youíre great at this."

"People who are successful in health eat right and exercise their body. Itís so simple that all of us know it, right? "

"People grow because theyíre pushed to grow in school, because theyíre required to grow in school. We require people to learn language. We require people to learn math. We require people to learn some level of science. People learn the basics and graduate, and I find that almost no one grows after that."

"Itís not the formal education thatís going to determine your success. Itís the self-education. Itís what you learn after you get out of school thatís going to determine whether or not youíre successful."

"We choose our growth. Who we become is the direct result of the choices we make, and the choices we make about what weíre going to sow because what we sow becomes what we reap."

"Do you always have the big tremendous harvest? No. But farmers donít either. Sometimes, itís a good harvest, sometimes, itís an okay harvest, but if you plant the seeds, at least you get something. If you donít plant the seeds or you plant the wrong seeds, you donít end up with success."

"Each and every day, make sure youíre sowing because every day, we have a chance to sow. We are sowing to our marriage. Weíre sowing to a relationship. Weíre sowing to our health. Weíre sowing to our growth. Weíre sowing to our money. Weíre sowing either positively or negatively."

"Every seed that we throw out into the world is either positive or negative along the continuum. To the degree that we sow positive, we reap positive. To the degree that we sow negative, we reap negative."

"If itís bad people or bad habits or whatever it might be, you want to get rid of the weeds so that youíre not sowing into them."

"Anything thatís worth having is worth waiting for, and sowing, and sowing, and sowing, and sowing, and sowing."

"Weíre designed to start out with a lack of knowledge, to grow in our knowledge, and to convert that knowledge into wisdom."

"Be the one whoís always positive and optimistic rather than pessimistic."

"Encouragement, encouragement. I love the word encouragement because the root of it is courage. We give courage to other people."

"If you want to reap kindness, if you want to reap a relationship, you have to sow kindness."

"If you put an apple seed into the ground, you donít get an orange tree, you get an apple tree, and ancient man knew this."

"Whatever we put into a computer is what we get out of it."

Contributed by Chris Widener
Reap What You Sow - Ancient Secrets to Sowing Success

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