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Bob Litwin Quotes

"This is your life. You get to make the rules. Once you see change as simply a story you tell, the world opens up."

"Change is happening, even when it seems like itís not. The world of being willing to try new things, of can-do attitudes: I can do anything, I can be anything. You will begin to believe Iím going to do it. Itís going to happen. What do you have to lose?"

"Everything I think, feel, believe, say and do is a habit, and I can break old habits and create new ones that give me what I want."

"Faith is taking the first step without seeing the whole staircase,Ē Martin Luther King, Jr. tells us. I will operate on blind faith. What do I have to lose?"

"My life is a game that I love to play. I am forgiving of myself for my inability to be perfect. I am fully engaged with whoever is in front of me. I am comfortable with my level of external success. I let go of counterproductive thoughts and

"Keep working on something until you get it. Be willing to sacrifice short-term success for long-term goals. Lose today to win tomorrow."

"Whether our faith is in God, in ourselves, in a process, or in a person, faith is one of the most powerful tools we have toward living a New Story."
"Faith does not mean waiting for something to happen to see if it actually will, it means moving forward when the results have not shown up yet." Bob Litwin Quotes
"You acknowledge that there are forces at work you cannot see that could be helping you, showing you a new way, giving you hope."

"When we have faith, we can admit that, yes, maybe change really can happen, everything might fall into alignment, the dream you have been wishing for can come true."

"All my races are opportunities to improve. I handle pain like a champion. When the pain comes I challenge myself to conquer this beast."

"Thereís no need to overreach on the stories. Break the big ones down to mini-stories. Life gives us myriad opportunities to break the big ones down to mini-stories. In time, they can take you to the biggest stories."

"Donít stop visualizing; the more you visualize, the more your mind will find ways to make the dream happen."

"When you write gratitudes, you begin to see things to be grateful for everywhere."

"Gratitudes arenít either/or. In fact, when we think about what we are grateful for, we give the mind a break, and in that break comes the ability to make choices about what isnít going so well."

"Remember that writing your Old Story is a form of focusing on what isnít working, so that you can change it. Gratitudes allow us the strength to make that change."

"Always agree with your mind when it starts saying everything is bunch of bull; the agreeing often stops the mind in its track. Yes, everything is made up, but there are some positive slivers of sunshine amongst the debris. Make it a game to find the happy tracks through the minefield."

Quotes of wisdom by Bob Litwin
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