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Bob Bowman Quotes - The Golden Rules

"It’s the story of staying focused—something we all need to do to succeed."

"I believe that’s the power of the Method: everyday pursuit of excellence to achieve long-term greatness."

"But I also knew that there comes a point in everyone’s life when he must set his own course and plan his own process."

"The best coaches, the best bosses, the best parents, the best leaders are the ones who show their people not just how to get better but how to motivate themselves to get better."

"Achieving excellence should not be drudgery. It should excite you; darn, you’re going after something you want—savor every moment."

"Simply put: In your mind you must program your internal viewfinder toward a performance, toward an achievement, toward a scene that you see taking place in the future. Something you want to be a part of. That’s your vision."

"You want to achieve something, right? In order to do that, you have to expend effort, and that starts with the vision phase."

"Wherever it is, go there. Thinking creatively requires a destination. A place where you can let your mind get to work."

"A vision gives a purpose to daily pursuits. A reason to push yourself out of bed each morning and do something. Without this purpose, it’s easy to drift through the days and weeks and months of life."

"Unless you have the inclination to be a positive, an inspired, a “What-more-can-I-do?” participant, and unless that inclination is engaged throughout the process of achieving your vision, you won’t completely enjoy success should you attain it."

"Notice what comes first? Attitude. You cannot achieve anything, I believe, unless you bring the right attitude to the pool, to the classroom, to the office—even to the family room."

"You grow by taking chances, and you reach your dreams by taking them, too. In a sense, risks provide the fuel needed to get on the road to, as Michael put it, wherever you want to go."

"You have to start small, and you have to go through some pain, but once you get the feel for risk’s ebbs and flows, its highs and lows, you learn to appreciate it."

"But, the way I view it, I’m going to learn plenty from the failures that often come with risk-taking. Somehow, I will
gain, either now or down the road." 

"Sometimes the security of our lives keeps us from living life. But if you want to take that “next step” toward the dream
you’re after, you’ll need to become a bit riskier."

"A mountain, a monster—a fear is defeated because you have visualized the possibilities that taking a risk might produce."

"You see, achieving intermediary, progressive goals on a regular basis produces everyday excellence—and keeps your Game Plan aligned with your vision."

Quotes of wisdom by Bob Bowman
The Golden Rules: 10 Steps to World-Class Excellence in Your Life and Work

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