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"Look around you, remember that you started with nothing and know that everything you see, you created."

"Once most people get out of a negative environment or relationship, one of the first hings they do is castigate themselves by saying, Why did it take me so long?"

"A person grows whenever he or she thinks, contemplates and dreams."

"Doing what needs to be done regardless of temporary setbacks will make you proud of yourself."

"For many of us, trusting ourselves may be difficult because we have been habituated to look outside of ourselves for our answers.  So it's best to start out with small decisions for which you are listening to your own guidance.  Then every success that comes from your own guidance reinforces your belief in yourself."

"Preparation is your friend and not nearly as painful as you think it is."

"Helping someone feel good about him or herself can be as simple as saying, Thanks."

"I was once told that faith is the opposite of fear and whereas I see how having belief in a higher power can make you feel safer, I also think that understanding why your fear exists and learning the lessons they can teach us are also very powerful tools."

"The confidence you get from having someone nearby whom you trust, who knows what she is doing and knows who you are is a tremendous gift."

"Staying healthy by exercising, getting enough rest and watching your diet keeps your energy level high."

"Learning to ask the right questions of yourself will save you money and time as well as give you a feeling of empowerment."

"Being open to new ideas when you are looking to solve a problem is what true learning (as well as confidence-building) is all about.  Believe in your own resources and those of people you trust."

"People who have noble aspirations enjoy doing the right thing and don't expect much in return."

"When you have a good foundation you have the knowledge, strength and self-confidence necessary to create anything you want and go wherever you like.  This is a basic truth recognized by those who have accomplished their dreams."

"Having the mental capital to invest in your ideas, the hard work ahead or your interpersonal relationships gives you a leg up on those who do not."

"You can win the heart of your true love or climb the ladder of success if people know they can depend on you."

"Experience may be the most powerful force in building self-confidence."

Meaning of words:

Castigate - To rebuke or criticize in a severe manner.

Contemplates - To think about intently and at length; consider calmly.

Written by Barton Goldsmith Phd
Believe In Yourself and Others Will Too

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