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Arjuna Ardagh Quotes

Hope you enjoy the following quotes written by Arjuna Ardagh :

"Practice is the bridge between your unmanifest potential and your manifest capacity to give."

"When we are willing to exchange our life of preoccupation with 'me' and 'my needs' for a life given in the service of love itself, of that presence itself, we are faced with an interesting paradox."

"But meditation is not only a technique that you learn, it is also a disposition, a way of being with yourself and with life, which you can return to at any time."

"When you become friendly and comfortable with darkness, something very deep in you can relax and fear dissolves."

"Understanding is the basis for changes in action.  It is necessary if one wants to learn to make more money, to improve health and to make things in the physical world work more efficiently."

"The simplest way to restore conscious presence to any activity is to slow it down to a quarter of the usual speed."

"A dolphin or an eagle lives in a psychological present, where there is one thing to do or nothing to do."

"If you rise very early and get your tasks done before the rest of the world is stirring, a shift that allows deep rest will happen in your brain.  In the clarity of the hours, before the world stirs, you will surprise yourself with how easy things become."

"Remember, whenever you let go of the old, sit with yourself for a while afterward and enjoy the space.  Enjoy the taste of freedom."

"Only thoughts run into past and future."

"The body is a miracle.  That it breathes on its own, that it pumps blood inside itself, that it digests food by itself, are all miracles.  The body is matter energized by a mystery that defies our undestanding: the miracle of life."

"A relaxed body is the natural temple for relaxed and natural consciousness: free, limitless and experiencing spontaneous Oneness with all that it encounters."

"Small children and animals live like this.  They expend energy with totality, and then they stop completely.  It is because there is no mind interfering."

"Yawning brings fresh oxygen into the body cells, including the eyes and the brain."

"Hunger optimizes your brain for alertness."

"Awareness of the breath and breathing consciously is the basis of all yoga practices. It reduces stress and anxiety, brings fresh oxygen to the blood and restores us to fully feeling what we are experiencing and to being in the present moments.  It is so simple and it can be done anywhere at any time."

"Fear is created in the mind.  You are almost never afraid of something that is real and here now: our fears are always of what might happen later.  The only way to be free of fear is to face it completely, to use taunting of the stories in the mind to take you into the essence of fear itself.  There is nothing to fear but fear itself."

Written by Arjuna Ardagh 
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