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Hope you enjoy the following quotes written by Andre Kukla :

"Worry does nothing except make us miserable."

"There are no preliminaries to living.  It starts now."

"The fact remains that when we act immorally, we feel guilty."

"Generally speaking, work simplifies itself with the passage of time."

"Certainly, if we make a habit of always prepring ourselves for the worst, we'll be working in vain far more often than we need."

"Instead of making ourselves perpetually gloomy by always assuming the worst, we would do better to make no assumptions at all and simply continue to live our life.  If the worst happens, then we can see how we'll get through it."

"Of all the circumstances in life, the time we least need a plan for the future is when we're already occupied with a valuable activity."

"There are times when we're called upon to change our course of action even though we are already usefully or pleasantly occupied."

"We won't stop to look at a sunset until we've finished our work, and then it's too late."

"The forces that shape our destiny are infinitely complex."

"The commonest cause for procrastination is undoubtedly a simple aversion for the new line of work."

"Since doing nothing causes us to procrastinate, it would be wise to give up the habit altogether."

"Even automobiles need to be turned off and allowed to cool."

"But it's a basic law of the mind that we can't consciously attend to two things at once.  Strictly speaking, attention is indivisible."

"The universe never asks more than one thing of us at a time."

"In reality, there's never more than one thing to do.  Being too busy is always a trap."

"We must achieve professional success as soon as we can so that we may begin to enjoy status and security."

Written by Andre Kukla
Mental Traps: Stupid Things That Sane People Do To Mess Up Their Minds

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