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Alex Pattakos Quotes

"I will take an active role in and take responsibility for my life as well as exercise my capacity to find meaning, because I know that life doesnít just happen to me."

"Frankl believed that every event, whether seen as positive or negative, could teach us something about ourselves and our world."

"I will appreciate the freedom I do have in my life."

"Human beings are, by nature, creatures of habit. Searching for a life that is both predictable and within our comfort zone, we rely on routine and, for the most part, learned thinking patterns."

"We can change our perspective once we realize that we do, indeed, have the freedom to choose our attitude toward whatever is happening in our lives." 

"The responsibility for choosing our attitude lies solely with each of us. It cannot be transferred to someone else."

"By releasing our negative attitude, we release energy that can then be used to connect more meaningfully with others. When we authentically connect more deeply with others, we create a new community ofsupport and possibility."

"When a catastrophe happens, itís easy to feel so sorry for yourself that you canít see anybody around you. But the way out is through your relationships."

"As we venture through life, we encounter both joyful and sorrowful times. Although we might wish to experience only the happy times, we know that to live a full life, we must be prepared to experience challenging and often painful situations."

"It is the wholeness of life that we should be embracing. It is in the wholeness of life that we build our resilience and
coping abilities to face all of lifeís challenges. It is in the wholeness of life that we experience the most meaning."

"No matter how desperate the situation or condition may be, we can always find something positive upon which to focus our attention."

"When we view the situation in a different light, new ideas, solutions, and opportunities are more likely to come to the surface."

"Although human beings may not be in control of the conditions or situations that confront us, the important thing is that we can choose how we respond, at least through our choice of attitude."

"I will choose a positive attitude, visualize possibilities for the future, and take action to make them happen."

"If we only seek pleasure, we may miss the opportunity to practice building or strengthening our resilience and our ability to copeónecessary skills for dealing with lifeís challenges."

"The will to meaning comes from within. Only we can find it, control it, and fulfill it for ourselves. This meaning can sustain us throughout our lives, no matter how little or how much power and pleasure come our way."

"I will focus on the goal of realizing the will to meaning versus focusing on pleasure or power."

Quotes of wisdom by Alex Pattakos
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