Singapore Primary School WorkSheet

Primary One English

Rearrangement of words
Word Order Practice 1
Word Order Practice 2
Word Order Practice 3
Word Order Practice 4
Word Order Practice 5

Spelling Scramble Letters
Unscramble Letters Exercise 1
Unscramble Letters Exercise 2
Unscramble Letters Exercise 3
Unscramble Letters Exercise 4
Unscramble Letters Exercise 5
Unscramble Letters Exercise 6

Primary 6


When your child report to his/her posted Secondary 1 for the first time somewhere in December, remember to bring along at least 500 SGD.  The purchase of school books cost around 400 SGD while the purchase of the Secondary school uniforms and PE attires cost around 100 SGD.  If you never bring enough money, then you will have to waste another day to make the purchase.

Lastly, bring along a trolley especially for those who live around the neighborhood who need to walk back.

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