Nothing Wrong With Making Mistakes

Human are afraid to make mistake.  Many forgot that nothing in life will teach you faster than making mistakes. So in many ways it is better if you do make mistakes than get it right first time. Now I know that making mistakes is frustrating and takes up a lot of time. The trick is not to repeat the same kind of mistake twice. Well twice is alright but three times makes you feel stupid.

Some people make mistakes on a trial and error basis like Thomas Edison who, before he discovered how to make the electric light bulb, recorded in his copious notes over 10,000 failures before he discovered the secret.

So whatever you do when you try something that does not work try something else. It is surprising that the nearer you get to your goal the more mistakes you make. The difference is that they tend to be smaller ones.

There are so many people who, on finding they are making mistakes, give up and never try again. That is in their nature but can be changed.

You see it is a mindset. Once people understand that basic truth they are half way there.

As an Internet Marketer I have had more than my share of failure. So much so that I have grown to avoid the words 'fail' and 'failure'; preferring to consider 'have not succeeded yet'. Like the word 'problem' I have abandoned that in favour of 'solution' so instead of "Huston, we have a problem" I believe "Huston, we need a solution" would get the job done just as well.

My advise to anyone who is serious about becoming a success in anything is:

1. Do not make the same mistake twice. 
2. Learn from your mistakes. 
3. Look for answers and not questions. 
4. Never stop trying. 
5. Get a mentor to help steer you in the right direction.

So I believe you must be prepared to have a go even if success does not come first time. And before you give up take a break and have a cup of coffee or tea. 

"Your chances of success are directly proportional to the degree of pleasure you derive from what you do."
*-- Michael Korda

"See that any time you feel pained or defeated, it is only because you insist on clinging to what doesn't work.  Dare to let go and you won't lose a thing except for a punishing idea."
*-- Guy Finley

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