Napoleon Hill Sixteen Ladder To Success

1) A Definite Aim in Life

Have a definite aim in life combine with a define plan for attaining that aim.  Sit down with a paper in a quiet place and think about what you wish to do in life, then formulate your plans on how you wish to do it and then take real action to start doing it.

2) Self Confidence

No matter what, you have to find ways to build up your self-confidence so that you will have the courage to say to yourself that you can achive your definite aim in life.  Self-confidence is required to put your plan into real action together with hard work.

3) Initiative

This is a rare human quality where a person will do what ought to be done without being told.  We can see this often from all leaders. Golden opportunities are lurking at every corner, waiting for the person with initiative to come along and discover them.

4) Imagination

The workshop of the human mind in which old ideas are built into new combinations and new plans.

When Edison invented the incandescent light, he merely brought together, in his imagination first and then in his laboratory, two well-known principles and hooked them up, so to speak, in a new way. He knew, as almost every amateur electrician knows, that friction in an electric line would cause heat; that the line could be heated, at the point of friction, to a white glow  and thereby produce light. But the trouble was that the wire would burn in two.

Finally, after searching all over the world for a special fiber or filament that could be heated to a white glow without its burning in two, Edison thought of the old charcoal principle, wherein a pile of wood is placed on the ground, set on fire, and then covered over with dirt and the air cut off. The wood smolders along, but it cannot burn up entirely because most of the oxygen has been cut off, and there can be, therefore, not enough combustion. The moment Edison thought of this charcoal principle, he went into his laboratory, placed the filament inside of a globe, cut off the air, and lo! he had produced the long sought incandescent light.

5) Action

The world pays form only one thing and that is for service rendered or action!  Stored-away knowledge is worthless.  It benefits no one until it has been expressed in terms of action.  No one pays for goods on the shelves; they must be hauled down and ushered into service before the world pays for them.

6) Enthusiasm

Enthusiasm usually develops automatically when one finds the work for which he or she is best fitted, the work they like best. 

7) Self-Control

Self-mastery is the first stepping stone to real achievement.

8) The Habit of Performing More Work and Better Work Than You are Paid to Perform

I do not believe it is possible for anyone to rise above mediocrity without developing this habit of performing more service and better service than is actually paid for in dollars and cents.  The spirit of willingly performing more work and better work than one is paid to perform is sure to bring its just reward.

9) An Attractive Personality

An attractive personality, like all of the other qualities mentioned, is easily developed through the application of applied psychology.

10) Accurate Thought

After you have learned how to think correctly, you will easily and automatically practice the habit of examining everything that trieds to make its way to your mind, to see whether it is mere "information" or "facts".

11) Concentration

It is the process of focusing the powers of thought upon a given subject until the mind has analyzed that subject and separated it into its component parts, then reassembled it again into a definite plan.

12) Persistency

Persistence is the quality that causes you to arise, when once you have been knocked down by temporary failure, and to continue your pursuit of a given desire or object.  It is the quality that gives you courage and faith to keep on trying in the face of any and all obstacles that may confront you.

13) Failures

Failure is the great law of resistance that makes a person stronger in proportion to the extent that he overcomes this resistance.  You will not travel very fair down life's pathway before you discover that every adversity and every failure is a blessing in disguise, a blessing because it has put your mind and your body into action and thereby caused both to grow through the law of use.

14) Tolerance and Sympathy

Had the world been tolerant, the world war could never have swept the face of the civilized globe as it did.

15) Work

All of nature's law have decreed that nothing may live that is not used.  The arm that is tied to one's side and removed from active use will wither up and perish away.  So it is with any other part of the physical body.  Disuse brings decay and death.  Likewise the human minnd, with all of its qualities, will wither up and decay unless it is used.

16) The Golden Rule

The Golden Rule simply means that we must act toward others as we wish others to act towars us, that we must do unto them as we wish to be done unto us, that we must give in thoughts, actions and deeds that which we are willing to receive from others.


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