Why Do Kids Rebel, Fight Authority and Not Listen

You can't make me!

Why don't kids listen? How has disciple become a thing of the past?

There are many reasons why kids rebel and fight against authority.  The following are a few...

1. Parents - Parents stick up for the kids, not the teachers.

2. Boredom - Class is too boring.

3. Popularity - To be cool and popular.

4. Respect - They want respect and to prove they are adults.

5. Peer Pressure - Everyone else is doing it.

6. Toughness - Prove how tough they are.

7. The Bully - They are bigger and stronger and think this makes them the boss.

8. Lack of Rule Enforcement - There are not enough rules forcing kids to behave and the ones that we do have are not being enforced well enough.

9. Because They Can - Kids know that they can get away with whatever they want anymore, which must stop.  Kids know that teachers can't touch them or the teachers get in trouble.  Laws must be changed so discipline can be enforced.

10. However, the most important reason, by far why kids misbehave is because...

"It is better to be the Bad Kid than the Dumb Kid."

Most kids will misbehave because they are embarrassed that they are not as smart as some of the other kids.  For example: when a teacher asks a student to answer a question in front of the class that the student does not know the answer to, he would rather refuse to answer it than to answer it wrong and get made fun of in front of the class.

Kids must be taught how important it is for everyone to at least 'try'.  This includes classmates encouraging and 'not' making fun of each other.  In fact, kids should be punished heavily for making fun of kids who are at least trying.  Sound familiar?......This is another example of why it is so important for people to admit when they do not know something.  Students should be able to say, "I don't know teacher, please explain it to me."

Written By:
A Balance the World By Dave Dettman

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