Safety Tips For Teens Using Internet

Every where on planet earth, we are seeing more and more people getting online everyday by the thousands.  Safety precautions become all so important especially for teens as the internet use has become so prevalent with them. Teens love to use them to talk to their friends and chat and make new ones using social networks such as the popular facebook.

Sensitive Personal Information

This is where the dangers lie behind those social networks as child predators routinely hunt for new victims online. Children, teenagers and even for that matter adults should never give out sensitive personal information about yourself, your family, your phone number, or esp. where you are living.
Parents must advice their children with this information before allowing them to go online. The younger they are, the more they are at risk as they tends to trust people more due to their inexperience with different types of personality in our real life. These child or teens predators pose as nice people who want to get to know your children. They try to befriend them and become their friends through the online chats.
Be Careful In Chatrooms

Young kids or teenagers especially have to be very careful in chatrooms communication. When in chatrooms, remember that not everyone may be who they say they are as you can never see their real face. For example, many of theses child molesters who were caught by the police pretend to be someone else. Many of them pretend to be a child themselves and start hunting their prey which is for other friends to meet and have fun with. This is how many of these horrible human monsters start to befriend your children and destroy their childhood.

Speak To Your Child Regularly
Always try to speak to your kids and ask them to let you know if someone harasses them online, says anything inappropriate whether sexual or not, or does anything that makes your child feel uncomfortable.  If there is, first contact your Internet service provider. Let them know what had happened and they can further investigate the matter with the police.
Instill these important surfing fact into your children that they can always come to you for any problem or question. And that no subject is too wrong or embarrassing to ask you. Very often, many kids feel funny talking about sexual matters with parents, but let them know it's important to talk and share problems with you especially when it comes to the internet and strangers. You as parents are the only ones who may end up not only saving your own child but millions others out there online.

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