Parenting Tips for Teenage Parents

As parents of teens, it is important for you to stand up and show your kids who is the boss at home. Your children must show their respect to you before you can teach them.  Many parents make the huge mistake of just keeping their child happy and giving in to them.

Therefore, it is important for you to learn how to take control of your voice and actions and how to hold off any anger or frustration with your children.  There are ways to empower you kids to have self-disciple and confidence versus disempowering them with punishment. You can still get your kids to display the good, quiet and cooperative behaviour you seek by learning the proper parenting method.

Limiting their time-outs, elimination of privileges and shouting are some ways you can punish your child. However, this traditional punishment will only work with small children and it won't last.  Furthermore, these forms of punishment will steal away your kidís innocence and self-confidence and I believe you will try to avoid such method. 

The following are some parenting tips for teenage parents as starters.

Ask your kids questions rather than dictating them.

Suppose your child is screaming and running around your home and horse playing with the siblings, the majority of parents will start yelling or reprimanded them. This signal to your child that yelling and running are bad but as parents, you know that is isn't and itís actually good for your kids to exercise and explore their loud voice.  So, where is a good place for them to practise using horseplay and their loud voices?

The next time your son or daughter is running around the home and horse playing with the siblings, you simply catch their attention and ask, "Little John, exactly where is the best place for loud voice and horseplay? Is it inside the house, in the library or at the playground? Little John will know the answer and ask you to bring them to the playground so that they can yell or scream.  By asking the question, your child does not feel mischievous, embarrassed as your child was praised and loved for whom they are. Just a little kid who love yelling, running and playing.

Knowing What Kind of Rewards Your Kids Wants.

By taking the time to understand what kind of rewards are most important to your kids will give you the power to motivate them into learning life skills.  For example, in the library, parents might be afraid that their kids may misbehave and they will feel embarrassed.  So before going to the library, ask your child this question, "Little John, what is important for you to experience today at the library?"  Little John might reply something like; "I would like to get a book about eagles."  So you say, "Oh great, I would love you to have a book about eagles."  Next you asked, "What kind of behaviour do you think is correct to be use in the library?"  So your child might answer, "Inside behaviour,Ē Your kids are smarter than you think.  The trick here is to think of question that will make your child think that it is their choice to behave and they will likely to behave in order to receive your rewards, which is the book about eagles from the library.

Kids Make Choices While Parents Make Decision

As kids, they still don't have the ability to make decisions as they are too young to think abstractly. So, don't ask your child, "What do you want for dinner?" if your intention is for them to eat nutritious food.  Kids default thinking will likely be possessed by junk food advertisement such as McDonalds, KFC or Pizza etc.  However, they are likely to pick something good to eat if you make the decisions for them first before offering them the choices. 

Assuming you want your kids to eat vegetables during dinner.  Let them take a little bite while you encourage them to give it a shot.  The decision is made by you and you are still dictating them on what is important to you that are you want them to consume vegetables. Therefore, make that decision before asking them, "When we have dinner tonight, would you like to have potatoes, corn or carrots."  Your kids would likely reply, "Ummm, how about corn?"  Wow! your kid just asked for corn.  You will be surprise during dinner time as your kid is likely to finish their vegetables.

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