How to Start Improving Mental Performance

The body is filled with amazing organs that all work together to allow a human being to function. The brain is probably one of the most amazing organs because of its ability to retain information and control all the other organs simultaneously. Recently, researchers have been studying how to enhance mental clarity and to allow the brain to store information and perform at its peak, the findings are quite amazing.

Studies have also shown that the more a person learns and the more a person sees enhances the ability of the brain to work. If the information that is retained inside the brain is not used, it will be lost. It not enough to just learn new things, they must be constantly refreshed. Psychologists use little tricks to help people boost their brain performance. The exercises are geared toward memory and concentration as well as overall mental wellbeing. Some of the techniques used are based on common sense while others are working off of neuroplasticity and its concepts. These concepts are based on the facts that using repetitive actions can stimulate neural pathways. Not only does it stimulate these pathways but it also increases speed overtime. There are many things that can be done to enhance brain function, here are a few.

Improve Cognitive Function

To improve cognitive function may be easier than some might think. For starters, those who take care of their body may have better mental function. By feeding the brain and getting the right foods in the body, it can improve the body including and brain. Regular exercise is not only good for the heart and the physical person but also the brain. Things like getting enough sleep and managing stress can be important in overall mental wellbeing. By following a strict nutritional regimen and getting plenty of physical activity, this can improve cognitive function.

Give the Brain a Workout

Most people think that exercise is for the heart and body, but there are a few exercises that are geared at strengthening the brain itself. Games that involve some sort of strategy can do a lot to improve cognitive function. Games like Sudoku, crossword puzzles and famous word searches not only stimulate the brain but exercise areas to stimulate and release information. This information may have been stored for long periods but can be brought up through this form of stimulation. Exercises that give the fingers a workout, like weaving or knitting are also good for the brain. They require intense concentration and coordination.

Strengthen Retention

Ever heard of mnemonics strategies? These little tricks cause the brain to remember something that normally might be difficult. They can be anything from word association to things to help one remember a list. Remember the word “H.O.M.E.S.” for the great lakes. This abbreviation stood for the great lakes Huron, Ontario, Michigan, Erie and Superior. It was just a word to some, but for others it was a way for their brain to remember and to ace that test. Not only do little tricks like this improve the likelihood of remembering this event, but it also makes remembering fun. This is why so many teachers use words and games like this to help children learn, because learning when it is fun doesn’t seem like learning at all. Retaining concepts that are vital for life can start with something as simple as a word like “H.O.M.E.S.”. By making a connection with the world it increases the likelihood of retention.

Enhance Visualization

Some people use tricks that enhance their vision or to achieve goals. They use visualization to prepare themselves. For instance, if a person is planning on losing weight, they must visualize themselves thin and see themselves as a new person to be able to achieve their goal. Some people will enhance pictures and put them on the refrigerator as a constant reminder of their goal. Let’s say a football player has a big game against one of the top rivals. A way to get in the mind set to win is to picture themselves as the winner.

Watching through a visualization of themselves going through the motions of the game can help them improve their performance. This can be brought down to the everyday level. As a person sees themselves is usually how they are. For instance, if a person sees themselves as a failure, they will have a hard time being anything but. But for the person who sees themselves as successful, they have the right mindset for success. By having the right mindset it can make or break someone. The brain is a powerful thing.

Learning Techniques to Stimulate the Brain

New methods of learning are using brain based techniques to help stimulate certain areas. Recent studies of psychology and the brain have shown that the understanding of the brain and how it functions can change the way we learn. Using very specific exercises, the brain can be stimulated and both short and long term memory can increase. Cognition will be so much easier when mental performance is improved. Regardless of a person’s age, it is possible to improve the overall mental performance. To some they seem more like games, but really they are strengthening the brain and improving memory, recall and overall concentration.

Contributed by Jason Scotts
Methods to Improve Mental Performance Without Increasing Stress

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