How to Pass Exams the Easy Way


For many people, sitting exams represents all that is daunting in the world of academia. The months, weeks, days or minutes of revision that you have put in, probably with a degree of reluctance, all build up to the horror that is the day of the exam.

Food For Thought

During the exam period, it is imperative that you eat well and consume lots of fluids. Dehydration and a bad diet can lead to drowsiness, a shortened attention span and a general feeling of lethargy not good when you are trying to maintain focus. Try to drink at least a litre and a half of water a day and consume five different pieces of fruit and vegetables. You will feel the benefit instantly.

Its All About Discipline

Good self-discipline is what is going to get you the highest grades. You need to balance your social, family and work commitments so that you remain calm and focused and most importantly sane. Bestselling author Anthony Trollope wrote forty novels whilst working full-time as the general manager of a Post Office, by working during office breaks, on trains or at breakfast. With a little effort, you too can be that prolific.

Find It Difficult To Begin Revising

The best way to conquer this problem is to sit down, get your books out and begin. Successful revision depends on self-motivation nobody can do it for you.

I Dont Have A Revision TimeTable

A revision timetable can be one of the most valuable tools available in the run-up to exams. Preparing a timetable creates a visual plan that will show you clearly how you are going to cover all of the topics that need to be included in your revision.

I Cant Concentrate On My Revision

Many people have difficulty maintaining their attention span over an extended period of time. During revision periods, the problem can be avoided by taking regular breaks, eating and drinking well to keep your energy levels high, breaking your revision up into chunks, working in good lighting conditions (preferably daylight) and making sure your work environment is at a comfortable temperature.

I Forget What I Have Just Learnt

If you find yourself staring blankly at your notes or textbooks then take a break or change topics. Your revision plan should provide variation amongst the topics you need to revise; not only from day to day, but preferably hour to hour. There is a reason that schools vary their timetables people cannot maintain their learning focus on one subject for an extended period of time. By regularly changing revision topic and taking breaks, this problem should be overcome.

Past Papers

Look at past exam papers as it is usually fairly easy to identify a pattern in topics that have arisen in the past and therefore may arise again. Discuss your findings with the relevant tutor they may not be able to help you specifically, but will certainly give you an idea of whether you are moving in the right direction. Past papers are particularly useful for analysing the style and construction of exam questions.

Contributed by Gary Anderson
Exam-Busting Tips: How to Pass Exams the Easy Way

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