Getting Child To Outdoor Games

Parents, when you were young, do you recall yourself playing games like red rover, hopscotch, tag or marbles? Physical activities games that you played with your friends or brothers and sisters that used to have you out playing until your mum came out calling for you because the sky was getting dark.
When you look at your own kids nowadays, it seems like they are spending less and less time playing these simple active outdoor games. Studies have shown that psp, xbox, ipad and smartphones games have invaded our kids life and the average child now spends more than 20 hours a week playing video games alone and that doesn't even count the hours spent in front of the television.
Many busy career parents blame modern society, particularly those in apartments with limited access to open spaces. Getting their children to play out of their sight is understandably beyond their comfort zone and kids have become too pampered by their parents.
Maybe parents need to loosen the shackles on ourselves and not sit on the notebook and work all days too. Rather than sending our kids out to play themselves, go join them and toss a ball with them, play a chasing game or teach them something from our own childhood. 

Remember, the best way we parents can help our kids to do what we want them to is to set a positive example and shows them with our own action.  Its just love to do what their parents do.
Plan and establish a routine rooster of going on a family walk or visiting a park on a regular basis to play outdoor games together or even ride your bikes near the neighborhood. Don't always take the easy way out by watching television all days yourself.

So stand up and get out of your chair.  Get yourself out there and spend some quality time with your kids.  Those non-priority tasks such as washing plus other things can wait and you'll all feel the better for it.
Being and staying active is not only good for our kids (and our own) health, it is also beneficial socially for our children not to play too much games and let them participate in a group situation and not always with the computers.  Once outside, they can take on leadership roles, use negotiation skills and burn energy all while having great fun. 

Best of all for parents, you will have them sleeping soundly during the night.

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