Fun Activities To Play With Kids

Are you looking for fun activities to play with kids? Never again hear the whinny words from your kids mouth, "I'm bored" again. There are tons of fun things if you put on your thinking hat. These fun activities to play with kids ideas will let you keep your kids busy while spending some quality time with them.
Trampolines are great and always fun for kids of all ages. You can jump on them with the kids and have a swell time while burning off unwanted calories. Challenge them to a jumping contest to see who can bounce the highest. Kicked all of those cherished games like Ring-Around-the-Roses up a notch by playing them on the trampoline.
Water is something else that many young children enjoy. Anything from wading in puddles, to squirting water toys, kids just love them. You might want to consider investing in an above-ground pool that is big enough for both you and your kids. You'll have a splashing good time with them and don't forget the rubber ducks and sail boats. A family trip to the lake or ocean is always a winning idea as well.
For your older children, getting them into summer camp is another activity to keep those boredom blues away. There are quite a variety of camps available to suit your child's interest and your price range. If you are somehow nervous about leaving your child overnight, many day camps are also available to keep your kids busy during their school holiday. Nowadays, many of the Universities offer day camps to enrich your child's academic abilities. There are fun activities such as horseback riding, cheerleading, soccer, and other sports are abundantly available in many areas.
Create your own family outdoor challenge. Prepare sack races, egg races, and water activities, and obstacle courses. Go together for a nature walk and see who can discover the most interesting thing. Bring along a wagon for the younger children, or take along bicycles and go for a ride.
Many kids also love cooking even though it might be messier for you to clean up, but it'll certainly be more enjoyable to prepare. Let the kids in to help make their own snacks or meals. For morning breakfast, use some food coloring and make your own green eggs and ham. Afterwards, curl them up together and read the Dr. Seuss version. For afternoon lunch use cookie cutters to make sandwiches in creative shapes or fill celery stick with cheese or peanut butter. Pack all of it up and go on a picnic, even if it's just outside your own back door. Get them to make cookies or brownies and have a surprise waiting for Dad when he gets home from work. You can also consider wrapping up the treats and taking them to Grandma or an elderly neighbor and brighten up their day.
Even on those rainy days you can chase away those boredom blues and have fun activities to play with kids. Get them dress up and have a tea party or an indoor picnic. Throw a large blanket over the dining room table and pretend you are camping. Buy and take along disposable cameras for the kids to take photos on all your excursions and let them make their own scrapbooks on those days when it is too messy to go outside. Clip the heads off of a few of those photos and use them to make paper dolls of your family. Let the kids creatively design and color in the clothes.
Going together to fly a kite or teach your child how to jump double-dutch. Playing jacks or marbles with your children can be fun too if you enjoyed it when you were younger, then they will probably enjoy it too. Most of all, always be open-minded and flexible. Let your children come up with his/her own fun activities to play with kids ideas of what they would like to do. Your childrens are going to cherish the time that you spend with them for a lifetime.

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