Can There Be Impossible Things To Do

Those stuff people frequently regarded as impossible things to do aren't usually the truth. There is certainly much more things possible compared to those that is not possible. It all depends on our mindset.

Our dictionary defines the word impossible as something which cannot be done. If we were abided to this mindset, the world wouldn't be exactly what it's these days. Light bulbs, vehicles, planes, satellites, phones, e-mail, etc. wouldn't have existed. Each one of these inventions exists now simply because there're people who have dreamed of them even though they appeared as an impossible task during that time.

Have you heard of the Capital Gate, probably the most inclined Skyscraper on this planet? It's was a technological challenge creating it.  When those aspiring architects and engineers confronted one another with that project, numerous "reasonable" individuals told them that it was an impossible things to do project. Today, Capital Gate appears proudly above the dunes of Abu Dhabi.

Exactly, how insane that idea was that human eventually would one-day walk on the moon. An insane idea it was before. Neil Armstrong demonstrated to all of us that it wasn't that impossible things to do after all.
In the past, how crazy an idea to picture yourself having immediate conversation with another person across the globe? With the internet or using the telephone, this became a reality.

Every single day, increasingly, there are more insane things and ideas done by people in all domains.  However, exactly, what do these folks have in common that drive them to test and push their actual limitations from the impossible things to do?

Actually, when you study their mindset, they don't use the word "impossible things to do". These people say to themselves that it is not possible now as I've not really discovered an answer yet. They've recognized the facts that each problem has a solution, and you need to search that solution with determination and perseverance.

Recognized the facts that each problem has a solution, and you need to search that solution with determination and perseverance.
Don't you like to achieve even the wildest goals which you may have, whatever your circumstances? If that's the case, start to follow the actual mindset associated with those successful people who are always pressing limit to find the possible solution. Never have thoughts of impossible things to do, simply tell yourself that you just didn't possess the answer yet. By educating your brain to always look for an answer, you'll in-time develop your own creativeness. Do the small stuff that frightens you often. Soon, you'll gain more self-confidence and as time goes by; you'll realize that those "not possible" things become possible to do when you start to adopt the right attitude and mindset.

Lindbergh became the very first man to cross the Atlantic in a plane. Before starting his journey, many people told him that it was a near to an impossible things to do dream to attain. When he was flying over the Atlantic with only the Ocean on the horizon, he began to doubt himself with questions on what he had gotten himself into. However, at that point, there is no option for him, there are no appropriate place for landing, he just had to keep going. In the end, he was rewarded beyond his imagination.

So, hang on to your dreams and travel over the ocean of impossibilities. Navigate to the finish. Don't remain all of your life marveling in the achievements of others when you are capable too. Have the desire large enough to the stage of laughter. Itís this that you're on this earth for.  Be daring enough to open the door of the "impossible things to do" and start to enter the world of the endless possibilities.

Quotes for the day:

"May I live this day compassionate of heart, clear in word, gracious in awareness, courageous in thought, generous in love."
-- John O'Donohue 

"I don't try to fool myself that the stories of individuals are themselves arguments. I just believe that better arguments, maybe even better policies, get formulated when we know more about ordinary lives."
-- Katherine Boo 


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