How To Get Drive And Motivation


Many of us have experienced feeling a little lacklustre about life sometimes and it is important for us to know how to get drive and motivation back as soon as possible. It is easy to put off things that need to be done or to find excuses to avoid certain milestones in life. What a lot of us lack in life is a certain level of motivation. Motivation is our willingness to change things. It is the reason we get out of bed in the morning. If you feel motivated you have a desire to fulfil tasks and get things done.

Life Purpose

You have to know why you want to do something and believe you can succeed and you will. Do you know that the reason behind what you do is the main motivating factor? If your reason to achieve something is not strong enough, it is very difficult for you to get motivated whenever you face with that task. Therefore, the first technique on how to get drive and motivation is to know exactly why you want to accomplish what you want in your life.

Writing Down

One of the most important elements of developing powerful motivation in your life is keeping on track and keeping focussed. In order to strengthen this area, it's really important to write your goals down and look at them every day.  Having a positive attitude help as it keeps your mind focussed on what you want to achieve and you will know if your daily activities are in line with what you want to achieve long term.

Strong Reason

The number one reason people fail to come up with motivation to take the necessary action is because they do not have a strong and emotional reason for their dreams and their goals. Think about it, our dreams make life exciting and if you do not have a reason to do something, will you do it? If you do not have a strong reason to quit smoking, will you successfully quit? Not likely because it is your reason behind that will drive you and give you motivation. Thus, if you do not have a strong reason for something, you will never do it.


Keep yourself encouraged and adopt the habit of doing it now. You just need to get it started and do it now to build up the momentum. Whenever you feel like procrastinating on some tasks, just tell yourself that you will do it for 10 minutes. Once you have started doing it, you will have no problem getting it done. This is because you start your engine and turn it hot. Thus, you will create the momentum and motivation to get it going.

Get Rid Of Distractions

It is absolutely necessary to avoid distractions that get you sidetracked from the things that need to be done. All these excellent self motivation techniques won´t help you when you cannot implement these because you are diverted. Furthermore you cannot be able to benefit from the knowledge on how to motivate yourself effectively, when you are not able to focus on your tasks and goals, because of being distracted.

Success Experiences

When you succeed, you feel successful. When you feel successful, you are motivated and have the drive to strive for more. And as you accomplish your little goals, you will see that your big goal is possible and your motivation will skyrocket!

At one point in my life I decided that I was going to be the best student in my class. I figured that a 5,0 grade average would do it. How to accomplish that? Simple, get an A or a B in every test. With each small success of getting an A or a B. I knew that I would reach my goal. And my motivation rose to a point that nothing was going to stop me. And it didn't.

Pushing Yourself

Give yourself the power of success and push yourself beyond any perceived limitations. Make it your mission to blast self-limitations out of your reality. As soon as you encounter something you believe you "can't" do, it's time to roll up your sleeves and prove that belief wrong! Let your adrenaline flow and your determination grow. Focus on becoming the most powerful YOU possible. 


Probably the most essential parts of creating powerful drive and motivation in your life is retaining on observe and keeping focused. So as to strengthen this space, it's really essential to write down your objectives down and look at them each day. This keeps your thoughts focused on what you need to achieve and you will know in case your every day activities are in keeping with what you need to achieve long term.

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