Thoughts Affects Our Physical Health

Our ability to think gives us an edge as a human as we are able to improve our life through the passage of time.  Like every things else in life, positive thoughts can help us but negative thoughts can destroy us. Sometimes, we may ponder upon these questions:

Does our physical health affects our thoughts or it is our thoughts that affect our physical? 

What is the actual relationship between our thoughts and condition like stress and depression?

One of the crucial points to answer the questions is whether a person thought are creating the depression or the physical depression is actually creating the negative thinking.  There are always ways to get out of depression if you put your positive mind into it.

How then can we use our brain to help us?

Joseph Murphy believes that our conscious mind can affect our sub-conscious mind and it is important that we must constantly remind ourselves that the healing power is in our sub-conscious mind.

If a person has the habit of imaging things turning out badly, then things are likely to turn bad for that person. Turn on your positive taps and you will stop feeling anxious for no reason.  It shows that whether your faith is real or not, you will get your desired results.  Your sub-conscious mind is going to respond to the instruction you have given.  You got to look at faith as a thought in your mind that will help you to achieve what you desire in your mind.

Therefore, it is true that positive thinking does have an impact on our physical health.  There are test done on individuals where they are given pill by doctor who told the patient that it will heal them when taken.  In reality, the pill are just vitamins which does not have any healing value and yet the patient claim they notice an improvement in how they feel after take the vitamin pill.  The research gave us an evidence of the connection between our mind and body and there any many other examples of individuals who maintain a positive outlook being able to recover faster from malady and injury.

Besides its healing power, you can also use the power of your mind to help you achieve your fitness goals.  History gave us a great example when the four minute barrier for running the mile was broken.  At first, everyone thought it was impossible until Roger Bannister make up his mind to break it.  Once Roger Bannister broke the barrier, the four minute barrier suddenly become breakable by many other runner and we can conclude that it really was a barrier of belief that was broken.

As we grow older, the effects of aging likewise influenced our thinking process.  You begin to talk to your friends about your body aches and pains due to the passage of time.  There is truth in the saying, "You're only as old as you think you think you are".  As you age, it is even more important for you to keep a positive outlook on life and continue to live a healthy life style.  Improve your health knowledge and take the guess work out of your health.


Positive thoughts can bring you a much better state of health as you take action to exercise and eat healthy.  Eventually, only you can set the intention to think positive thoughts and live well.

Staying Healthy

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