The Health Benefits of Eating Fruits

There had been many research done in the past which had proven that the human body needs to get the necessary nutrients in order to remain healthy.  When our body failed to get enough nutrients, we can easily feel fatigue or fall sick which can also result in chronic diseases. What we can do is to consume enough fruits daily as the benefits of fruits are quite enormous. You will find that you will remain hale and hearty when you eat all kinds of plant products on daily basis. Furthermore, fruits are usually very easy to come by. We can easily purchase them at our own local market.
What are the health benefits of eating fruits?
Maintaining a balanced diet enriched with fruits and vegetables reduces the risk of suffering from heart diseases and certain fruits like grapes and berries are enriched with antioxidants which protect our body from chronic cancer. These antioxidants repair damaged cells and also help maintain a healthy immune system.
Most fruits contain fiber, which help balance our digestive system and also reduces the chances of gaining extra weight, obesity and diabetes. Many people around the world go on a liquid or fruit diet to reduce which is healthy and approved by doctors. The nutrients enriched with fruits can act as a substitute for the usual food consumed by you, however maintaining this diet with a one course meal a day would suffice to ensure you do not feel hungry or weak.
Fruits rich in potassium help reduce blood pressure and also reduce the risk of developing kidney stones. These fruits also strengthen your skeletal system and decreases bone loss. Most fruits have a low fat, sodium and calorie content and you can rest assured that regardless of the number of fruits you eat in a day, chances of sprouting out a belly is very minimal and unlikely unless you over eat!
Fruits do not have cholesterol and does not affect your heart or your nervous system in the wrong way. They are on the other hand, enriched with vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients that help you maintain a healthy heart. The most commonly consumed fruits like oranges, blueberries and strawberries are enriched with Bioflavonoids which protect your body from heart attacks, cancer and other diseases. Vitamin C contained in these fruits, helps you maintain your blood pressure. Fruits are also recommended by doctors when you feel sick and ingredients such as Vitamin C and Vitamin A helps you get well faster and cure sickness.
"An apple a day keeps the doctor away!" is one of the most common quotes used by doctors, teachers and parents encouraging young children to eat apples every day. The Vitamin A contained in apples helps increase immunity and strengthens your body to resist and destroy bacteria present in the body.
Are fruits not advisable when you are on a sugar diet?
The fruits evolved in the ancient times were enriched with nutrients which have drastically reduced today due to pollution and the unhealthy soil. The fruits that you consume today are domesticated and are larger in size and the sweet content is higher. This reduces the fiber content in the fruit. Fruits with high sugar content should be avoided by sugar patients or when you are on a sugar diet. You can limit the consumption of Grapes, Bananas, Mangos, Sweet Cherries, Apples, PineApples, Pears and KIWI Fruit which have high sugar content till your sugar level stabilizes. Dry fruits such as dates have very high sugar content and can be avoided. These can be substituted by eating healthy vegetables and greens.
Dates, bananas, apricots and dried figs consists the high level of sugar with dates topping the list with 44.6%. For people who are overweight due to sugar problems are advised not to consume fruit with high sugar content which might aggravate the body or even cause sickness.
How much of fruit nutrition do you require in a day?
Biologist suggests that a normal human being should include at least 2-3 serving of fresh fruits every day to maintain good health. Seasonal fruits like apples and pomegranates are best preferred to be included in a daily diet. The most nutritious fruits are the organic produce and are natural. Apple is one of the most nutritious fruit, the below are a few fruits which are suggested by nutritionists:

1. Wild Berries - Wild blueberries are enriched with antioxidants that protect the cells in your body and helps in maintaining good health and immunity. Wild berries are rich in fibre that reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, obesity and type-2 diabetes. It also is enriched with manganese, which help improve bone development and other important functions of the body.

2. Strawberry - Strawberries are enriched with vital nutrients such as vitamins, fibre, minerals and healthy phytonutrients. Strawberries are rich in Vitamin C which help repair tissues in your body and help resist infections and various diseases. Other ingredients such as manganese and Fibre help maintain good health and our body to function appropriately.

3. Red Raspberries-This fruit has low calorie content and is enriched with Vitamin C, fibre and antioxidants. This nutritious content protects the body from ailment and diseases and the effects of aging.

4. Blackberries - Blackberries have low sugar content and is the fruit with the richest content of fibre. It's also enriched with Vitamin K which helps heal blood clots and strengthens your bones. It also helps the body to form red blood cells and reduces the risk of birth defects.

5. Oranges - Oranges are enriched with fibre, vitamins and antioxidants which protect our body from diseases and are a common thirst quencher.

6. Mangoes - Mangoes are enriched with vitamins and fibre, which protect our body from infections and diseases.

The best reason for fruit consumption is that fruit is full of antioxidants. Nearly everyone is aware of the many health benefits of antioxidants. Antioxidants are known to keep free radicals from attacking the healthy cells of the body. When free radicals attack the healthy cells of the body this can lead to a number of health problems such as cancer. The antioxidants that are found in fruit are can also help slow the aging process. Thus, eating at least five servings of fruit each day will supply the body with antioxidants which can aid in reducing the deterioration of the body and the development of disease.

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