How To Get Yourself To Sleep Fast

Getting a good night sleep is important for every one of us as our body need a good night rest to recover itself.  Sleeping should be a natural thing to do but our stressful life might cause us toss left and right on our bed and knowing that the seconds had turn to minutes and before we know, it is already morning. That isn't fun at all.
How to get yourself to sleep if counting sheep doesn't work?

The following are some ideas which you should give it a try.


  • Turning off all the lights and that means every single light.  I also close the window curtains to cover any external lights.
  • Don't put the alarm clock too close to you as they can disturb your sleep.
  • If you are using a phone charger or anything that has even the smallest light on it, cover it up.
  • The same goes for that small standby light on the front of your television.
  • The purpose is put your bedroom into complete darkness so that you can sleep better and faster.
Slowing Down
- Our brain does not stop instantly and it's more like a supertanker and it needs time to slow down.
Therefore it is not a good idea to go to your emails or Facebook or wherever "one last time" before you go to sleep.  When you do that, you're waking your mind up and you'll pay for that for an hour or so before your mind slows down enough again to let you fall asleep.
However, reading a physical book or a magazine and not electronic devices like Kindles is fine and can be a good way to help you unwind. That is why we tell children bedtime stories and they often fall asleep sooner that way.
Taking a Bath
- Getting a nice warm bath is a good way to help you relax.
If you think that getting a bath is too long, then a warm shower will work in the same way. However, it's just not quite as relaxing because most of us shower standing up.
Relaxation Music
- Today, there is lots of different relaxation music available.
Some are just peaceful sounds such as a camp fire burning or ocean waves gently breaking over a beach.
Others are guided meditations which will lead you gently into a more relaxed state.
Yet others have special tones such as binaural beats embedded which help your brain go into the same state that it would during regular sleep. All these have no drugs or pills involved and are just simply a few tones that you likely won't even notice.
Or you could use a hypnosis track, many people feel fairly sleepy when they're hypnotised, so using a purpose recorded track can build on that and help you to fall asleep fast.


Above are just some ideas on how to get yourself to sleep fast and you can add-on to it with your own sleeping ideas as long as it helps you to sleep better and faster.

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