Function Of Vitamin B17

What is Vitamin B17?

Vitamin B17 is very concentrated in foods that generally no longer appear in the staple western diet. Millet bread, apple and
apricot seeds, the seeds of cherries, greengages, peaches and plums were all consumed by our ancestors but are rarely eaten by us today. Our great grandmothers often used to crush up the seeds and mix their piquant taste into jam preserves and sauces. Sadly this practice too has passed. Who eats the seeds of an apple or takes a nutcracker and splits open an apricot pit? What percentage of the population even eats apricots today? Is it any wonder that western populations suffer an acute shortage of the essential B17 nitrilosides and we have been reaping the whirlwind?

Diets have changed over the years. Today we have the junk diet, which in reality is no fitting diet at all, and some quite real and debilitating diseases are putting in an appearance as our bodies fight and lose the battle to acquire the basic vitamins and minerals they need to maintain health. 

"An apple a day keeps the doctor away," was a ringing truth in the past. This phrase has survived for centuries. Have we ever
wondered why?

B17 Laetrile/Amygdalin Tablets

These tablets contain the active 817 ingredient derived from the kernels of apricots. Usually available in 100mg or 500mg
tablets. Some people are confused with the terms laetrile and amygdalin. These names essentially refer to the same compound
- Vitamin B17 - and are, to all intents and purposes, interchangeable. These tablets are always taken in conjunction
with the apricot seeds. Manufacturer's recommend:

- 2-4 100mg tablets per day as a nutritional supplement for prevention.

- 4-6 500mg tablets per day as a nutritional supplement for clinical cancer sufferers, taken in conjunction with enzymes
and Vitamins A & E (emulsified) and up to 10g/day of Vitamin C.

Apricot Seeds/Kernels

Apricot kernels are an inexpensive, rich and natural source of Vitamin B17. They also deliver the vitamins, minerals and
enzymes not found in the pharmaceutical derivative of B17.

- 10 seeds per day for life are recommended by Dr Krebs as a nutritional supplement for those exercising cancer

- 30-50 seeds per day are recommended by Dr Krebs as nutritional support for clinical cancer sufferers.

In a minority of cases, cancer sufferers may experience nausea when taking seeds. In this event, clinics recommend that
dosage is reduced and then gradually increased as tolerance is gained. Not all apricot seeds are effective. They must have the characteristic bitter taste indicating that the active B17 ingredient is present. Some apricot seeds for instance, sold on today's health supplement market under the name 'Hunza', do not appear to have this component.

Not to be eaten whole. May be pulped, grated or crushed.

Please note: Some cancer sufferers believe that apricot kernels alone are all that is required to fight cancer. Consultation
with a qualified health practitioner familiar with Metabolic Therapy is advised for further information. Apricot kernels are usually part of the nutritional support for those exercising cancer prevention for life as well as cancer patients undergoing Phase 1 or Phase 2 Metabolic Therapy.

Cancer Why We're Still Dying To Know The Truth
-- by Philip Day's

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