Distilled Water Good Or Bad For You

What is Distilled Water?

Distilled water is known as purified water which is prepared through the process of distillation. During this process, water is heated till it is converted to steam or vapor, separating all the present impurities. The water vapor obtained is condensed back to its liquid form and is now known as distilled water. 

Water Distillers

Distillation is an important aspect of liquid treatment because it effectively removes all impurities in water.  Distillers work on the principle of distillation wherein the water is boiled till the time it converts into vapors, rises up and gets settled into another container leaving the heavy contaminants behind.

The Good of Drinking Distilled Water 

In the short-term, drinking distilled water can be a life saver as it can quickly drive any harmful chemicals and toxins from your body, and many people have literally had their lives saved by drinking distilled water.
As Distilled Water is boiled, and therefore is free from dissolved minerals, it contains the special ability to be able to eliminate harmful waste from the body. Time and time again, distilled water has proven effective at removing harmful wastes and cleansing the system of any impurities.
The Bad of Drinking Distilled Water

On the flip side, those opposing to drinking distilled water point to the fact that all the natural minerals, as well as harmful chemicals, are removed from the water. While removing the chemicals is obviously beneficial to your health, many are leery of drinking water that is devoid of all the natural minerals your body needs in order to operate efficiently. Many people don't realize this, but you actually receive the vast majority of vitamins and minerals you need through your food.

When compared to your drinking water, the minerals and vitamins you receive from water is minuscule compared to your food. Therefore, while you won't receive the health benefits these vitamins and minerals in regular drinking water will provide you, you also will not be subject to the harmful effects that the chemicals that seep through will do to your body.
However, on the con side, drinking distilled water can have adverse effects on your body. Here they are:
The more distilled water you consume in your body, the more the body absorbs carbon dioxide. A regular intake of distilled water, in the long term, can also cause a fast loss of electrolytes in your body, which include sodium, potassium, chloride, etc.
This also includes minerals such as magnesium. In all, deficiencies in these areas can lead to an irregular heart beat and high blood pressure.
Distilled Water Good or Dad 

So, is distilled water good or bad for you.  No matter which side of thinking you prescribe to on drinking distilled water, no one can deny that distilled water is definitely the most effective and thorough at removing the harmful chemicals and toxins that often seep through into your tap water. Obviously, removing all the harmful chemical has the negative effect of also eliminating the minerals your body needs. However, we receive most of those minerals through the food we eat anyway.

The bottom line is this: there are experts on both sides of the fence when it comes to drinking distilled water. You need to do your own research, weigh the pros and cons, and make your own decisions about whether or not drinking distilled water is right for you.

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