Getting Fear Out Of The Way

Many of us are living in fear of all sorts of things, but what does all these fears achieve? Fear only destroys everything for us, it makes us so blocked that it affects our goals, our health and it destroys all of our dreams!

Constant change seems to be even more in full flow than ever before, not only for us as individuals but globally too. We are deeply conditioned to feel fear of change that are coming.  Mindset is a process change, if the media is anything to go by, well yes it is fearful news everyday!

But what is there for us to fear really? Some of the things we can do something about, we can take action, but some of the things we can do nothing about, and there is no point to worry and fear if we can do nothing.

Everything Is But A Constant Flow Of Change.

In our daily life, there is a massive amount of change going around us. Our own bodies are renewing themselves with new tissue and cells all the time. The mother earth moves and changes every day, it is called growth. It is going to be a weird place to be if nothing ever changed!

Fear is not normally due to those change itself, but of the uncertainly of it. But we are going to lead a boring life if we knew the outcome of everything.

How Then Can We Deal With Fear?

It is human natural to fear, and sometimes it can save our life, but we have to learn to recognise what is real fear and what is not and make wiser actions in our life.

Whenever you are feeling fearful, ask yourself if is this fear justified and real or are you loosing perspective on what is really happening with this situation?

By asking your inner self this one question, you have the power to change your own life, instantly!

Finding The Answers From Within.

So, from a peaceful place within our inner self, we first ask if the fear is real, assuming the fear is real, then our next question is, what action must we take, what do we need to do? If those fear is real then the answers are easy, there are only two choices, we can either take action, or there is nothing we can do. If for instance, the situation is causing threat to our life, then our fear is there to help motivate us into action, but if there is no action we can take to save the life, then there is no point to the fear.

Now, if we had discover that our fear is not real it is just uncertainty, then we simply ask, what is needed to make it feel ok, what action can we take to make ourselves feel safe and release the fear. We usually will find that we can move on quickly from here as we find ways to spice up our self motivation.

For us to be fearful of things is going to be negative and destructive, when we practice this technique a few times, we learn how much easier things can be, and eventually it becomes our new positive habit.  Start now and practise how to avoid those negative thoughts.


Quotes for the day:

"Good, the more communicated, more abundant grows."
*-- John Milton 

"You've got to be very careful if you don't know where you are going, because you might not get there."
*-- Yogi Berra 

"Men stumble over pebbles, never over mountains."
*-- Emilie Cady


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