Fear Will Halt Expansion And Development


Our biggest enemy is fear and it can prevent true success from being achieved.  It is a must that you learn how to drive negativity out of your life and the way to do this is to have faith in the higher power and in yourself.  When the vibration of fear is strongly within us, then it will govern our thoughts in a negative way.


Human can do tremendous things and attain whatever they want if life if we can conquer the obstacles related to fear.  On the other hand, if we allow fear to control our mind, then it can stop us dead in our tracks.  When you let fear live inside you, then it is going to paralyze you.


To be successful, you need to know what you want and being absolutely destined to get there.  When you are off course, you have to look back to your passion and move towards your goal.  Your passion helps you to recalibrate and get back on track to achieve your major definite purpose.

Poverty Fear

Fear of poverty is a state inside our mind, nothing else.  If you over spend and is losing yourself in a stack of bills, you have to make plan to spend within your means and take action to clear your debts.  Your finance must be in order if you want to be financially secure because what you focus on is what you will attract.  If debts are always in your mind, it will destroy your imagination, kills of self-reliance, undermines enthusiasm, you feel discourages, encourage procrastination which leads to uncertainty of purpose.  Fear of poverty will over-power you if you allow it. 

Criticism Fear

For some reason, other people opinion of us becomes a factor in our achievement.  Assuming you has this great idea which you can't wait to tell your good friends and family about it.   Unfortunately, they do not share your excitement and give you a million reasons why your idea is not workable and it is likely to fail. Before you know, self-doubt began to surface and you too agree that it was a stupid idea and gave up trying.  Fear of criticism can affect your confidence and you have to decide who you want to be in control of your thoughts and life.  You or others?

Fear of Pain

Nobody likes to be in pain and we will do anything we can to avoid pain.  When your thoughts are in pain, it will stop you from taking any action.  Starting a new business can be painful if it fails and that reason alone had prevented many aspiring individual from even trying.  See the pain of failure as a temporary setback and tune your thoughts towards the infinite experience you can gain from trying.


As humans, we are somehow creatures of habit and although not everyone acts on it to the same extent, many of us are afraid of the unknown.  We hate uncertainty that comes into our life.  The key is not to let any fear stop you from exploring new possibilities. The only way a person can grow and improve is to step outside our comfort zone and welcome the unknown.

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