Decision Matter When You Want Success

Success is your own responsibility and only you can bring about your own success. You are your own personal architect, the contractor, the supplier and the builder; all the tools needed for your success is at your disposal and nearly all that is needed is free.

What we owned now, which contain love, career, right, wealth, poverty, hunger, etc, are all originated from the original selections we made. As a result, our personal selection is the most important part in a person's life. You will have the corresponding results in terms of what decisions you will make.

When you have to confront making some decisions, do keep in mind to think them over seriously, carefully and cautiously. Otherwise, you may get opposite answers as decision matter when you want success.

Many people are confused about a question. They do things fairly seriously and enthusiastically, why can't they get a nice outcome? They never sit down to ponder or consider if their selections are right in the first place.

In fact, decision is more significant than endeavour if you want to achieve succeed. However, decision is something fairly terrible and difficult as well. We will have a feeling of hesitation, frustration, tension, and so on when we have to make some big choices. You should be brave enough to conquer those negative mindsets and grasp the opportunities in time. Since you won't get another chance like that if you miss it.

There are a majority of people who do things only follow the general trend and don't have their own creative opinions. The outcome of this is that they can't make any achievement through their life.

A scientist named John in France once made an experiment called "experiment of caterpillar". He put some caterpillars on the side of a planet and made them stand in a round. Then, he put some food six meters away from the flowerpot. To his surprise, all of those caterpillars just walked round and round toward the side of the flowerpot day and night without rest. But none of them chose to walked toward the outside of the queue so that it could eat the food.

From this small experimental story, I want to tell you that some of you are just like those caterpillars. You are busy with something day and night. And then others ask you what are you engaged in, you just say that you don't know what you are occupied with.

Decisions really matter when you badly want to succeed.  As a result,if you are eager to achieve your goals and gain wealth and success, just stay away from stereotype and be creative and imaginative enough. Do something different, under your life lesson and be willing to take some adventures which you may discover some unexpected harvests and be the success you want.

Quotes for the day:

"The mystery of life is not a problem to be solved but a reality to be experienced."
*-- Art Van Der Leeuw 

"Never look back unless you are planning to go that way." 
*-- Henry David Thoreau 

"No matter how small, acknowledge the achievement."
*-- Greg Henry Quinn

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