Buying That Get Rich Quick Formula To Success


The instant gratification way of modern life had made the selling of rich-get-quick scheme a lucrative business. You may have attended one of those seminars that claim to teach you the latest investment tips to become financially independent in no time.  Whether it is internet business, stocks, bonds, real estateís or gold, the solution is always the same.  Buy and follow our simple, easy steps and watch your bank account grow with little effort.


Get-rich-quick narratives tend to distract many people into thinking that financial success can be purchase.  People who purchase the get-rich-quick package often end up poorer as they soon realize that making money without work is just a fantasy dream.

Success Seldom Easy

The universe let us face challenges and obstacles so that our achieve goals are meaningful due to the effort and time that we have put in.  Anyone who has attainted personal achievement can tell you that the question is not will there be tough times, the question is when will they arrive?  Success is seldom easy but it's through these moments of uncertainty that our character is revealed and builds upon.

Hidden Opportunities 

You got to believe in your capabilities and never be discouraged at the first sign of difficulties so as to develop the determination to discover another way to prevail.  Instead of giving up, look for the opportunity within the challenge and itís there, always.  Some opportunities are hidden within the challenge but others are easy to be found.  People who never give up will eventually find the opportunity within the challenge.  As each challenge is overcome, your determination become stronger and you will be able to achieve whatever you want in life.

Risk or Opportunity

Investment for example, you may focus on the temporary dip in the stock market, start to get anxious and then sell away your holdings.  Alternatively, someone else who focuses on value investing may see it as a golden opportunity and take advantage of the dip and buy more at a lower price.


Buying a get-rich-quick course might get you excited and happy for a short period of time before you realize that hard work and effort are still required after paying the money.  To achieve happiness, we must have the disciple to decide carefully what this means to us.  Once we have a clear defined goal, we need to maintain discipline to search for the opportunities within the challenges we are going to face along the path of life.

Personal Achievement

It had been found that personal achievement eventually comes from concentrating on your major definite purpose which is commonly known as your passion and not from any get-rich-quick product.  With your own courage and persistence, you shall see your vision through.  Adopt the habit of going the extra mile when performing your personal services to your employer and success will never be far from you.


What we feed and focus attention on will eventually grow the most and this applies to opportunity.  When you seek the good, good things will happen to you.  When you seek opportunity, opportunities occur.  People who continue to dream of fortune without hard work will end up with the loss of money and time invested on fantasy get-rich-quick opportunities.

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